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Shy Dating for the Shy Girl Looking For Dating Or The Shy Guy Who Wants To Meet Girls

“Shy Guy Dating Shy Girl Success!” – it’s a newspaper headline, one about you in the future perhaps? But hold on there a moment! Why are you defining yourself as a ‘shy girl’ or ‘shy guy’ in the first place? Shyness isn’t permanent, you know, it’s not a characteristic like gender or nationality. My point is, you don’t need to be shy forever. You don’t need to restrict yourself to meeting shy girls or shy guys, why not just meet girls or guys without the ‘shy’ label?

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You’ll feel much better about so-called “Shy Dating” if you decide right here and now that you aren’t going to be shy forever. Okay, you’re shy at the moment, more or less, but do you think all those confident people out there were always so confident? Sure, some of them were, but listen closely, I’m going to let you in on a secret: some of them weren’t. Some of them used to be shy but aren’t shy any more. Yes, really.

So don’t give in to your shyness, decide now that it’s only temporary. But, how do you stop being shy, especially around the opposite gender? There are lots of methods, and you need to make the effort to find out what they are and to put them into practise. There isn’t scope in this short post to go into them all, but here’s something that is likely to help.

For the guy or girl who is shy dating it’s a way to make you feel more at ease, less… well, shy. If you stop thinking about every encounter with members of the opposite gender as one in which you are looking for dating then you can learn to relax around members of the opposite gender. If you’re shy and it’s girls you want to meet then aim just to make friends with them to begin with — just be a friend, don’t ask them out. Likewise if you want to meet guys. Don’t specifically look for a shy guy, but become friends with guys in your social circle or workplace. Just friends. Don’t flirt, just be friends.

What effect will this have? It’s simple. You should become used to talking to girls or guys and you won’t see things so much in terms of shy dating and more in terms of friends who are possible dates of the future. Getting rid of the ‘shy’ label can be a big step forward in itself.

But how do you achieve this online? Maybe you don’t get to meet many people in your line of work, or you feel more comfortable dating online in any case.

The answer is that to take the ‘confrontational aspect’ out of online dating you go to a pen pals site. At a pen pals site you can relax, feel less shy, get to know girls or guys just as friends and then whether things move on to dating or not is up to you. The site I recommend is because it protects your email address and private details in a way that many don’t. also has great functionality and vast numbers of people to meet. Some are shy girls and some are shy guys but there are also people who are not shy, people who perhaps decided a while ago that they were not going to label themselves as ‘shy’ anymore.

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