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Life changes, things move on. You find yourself — now in your 50s or 60s — looking for a new partner again. That’s sometimes just how it is. Make the most of it, search senior dating sites to find someone new in your life. Why not, what do you have to lose? (Check out our recommended senior dating site below)

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Naturally there are many reasons why you may find yourself unexpectedly in the position of dating again. You may have been divorced, or you may have been bereaved, to give two common examples. You may have just finished with a long-term partner or you may even have got to this stage in life without actually finding a long-term partner. All of these scenarios happen and all of them are more commonplace than you might imagine.

You might say that the only thing that the people behind the examples given above have in common is that they are coming to senior dating sites in ever increasing numbers. Today though I want to look at a specific case that may strike a chord with many who are looking for a new partner when middle-aged. It’s the case of Emily (ref:

Now I don’t know if Emily is her real name or not, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is her story. She speaks of having a great life of over thirty years with her husband, a life in which they raised two fine children and then looked forward to a comfortable retirement ahead.

Then disaster struck for Emily. Her husband told her that he was going to leave her for another woman. For Emily this came as unexpected, shocking news. She had no idea her husband was even having an affair, let alone thinking about leaving her.

So what did she do? Did she try to cling on to him, to prolong the agony while knowing that he could walk out at any moment? Did she go into some kind of depressive shock in which she tried to carry on life as usual even though he had by then left?

No, she did the only sensible thing she could do, once she was sure that he wasn’t coming back. She picked herself up and started a new life. It isn’t easy to do that and you certainly have to admire her for it, but really doing anything else is unthinkable in these circumstances once it is certain that there is no chance of getting an ex back.

She also realized that she had to be proactive in her search for a new partner. She was in her fifties and didn’t want to spend years and years looking for someone suitable. She tried attending numerous friends’ and acquaintances’ dinner parties in the hope of meeting a suitable man, but after a while she had not been successful. It was then that she turned to online senior dating sites. So reports that so far she has not found the ideal man, but she is having more success than before and is getting to know more people than she had ever been offline.

It stands to reason that where there are more people you are more likely to find that special someone. This is why senior dating is so popular online these days. It has many other advantages too, such as time to peruse profiles and to chat to people before you would even consider meeting them for a date.

In Dating Again, How To Begin we look at a variant of online senior dating, how to take the online pen pals approach and why it could just work for you.

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Are you one of those who would never consider online dating? Maybe what you know about it is out-of-date, or simply not correct. Are you going to go on missing out on something that is one of the Internet’s great success stories? Discover how so many find love online. Senior dating online is not something unusual or exceptional, it has become the regular thing to do as we explain here: Senior Dating Over 50s is The Norm.

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