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You’re looking for a quality dating site or service, so what actual qualities or features will you be testing it by? Here are 6 features that you might want to look for when assessing if a dating site is a high quality one or not. Beneath each point we have shown how our recommended quality dating service PenPalsPlanet.com provides for this.

1. Monitoring to prevent or remove fake profiles.

    Quality dating site PenPalsPlanet.com reports that it adheres to this approach.

2. Dedicated staff behind the site who are strict with their policies helps to ensure quality dating services.

    PenPalsPlanet.com makes a point of this in its FAQ.

3. A quality web site with excellent functionality.

    Quality dating service PenPalsPlanet.com is easy to navigate and use

4. A quality dating site should protect its members’ personal data.

    PenPalsPlanet.com uses secure servers to protect your data and never rents or sells your email address

5. Quality dating services should be free to join and if you do upgrade to a paid membership then you should keep control over what you pay.

    Quality dating site PenPalsPlanet.com is free to join. Paid upgrades are NOT charged automatically each month, unlike most dating services. Despite this, Pen Pals Planet costs less for the same functionality than most other dating sites.

6. Constantly looks for ways to improve and introduces new quality features.

    Recent new features at PenPalsPlanet.com include virtual dating (vDate) which few if any other dating services offer. The addition to the team of dating expert and author David Wygant demonstrates this. As the PenPalsPlanet team say: “we are committed to helping you succeed and David is proof”.

So there you have it, 6 features you should be looking for when checking out possible quality dating sites or services and 6 reasons why you should join our recommended service PenPalsPlanet.com. Click here to go and join it now.

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