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Dating at 50 is a topic we have much covered here at, but we still like to return to it from time to time either when we have something more to say on the subject, as we do further down this page. So read on, you may find your fears about over 50 dating laid to rest and I hope you will be inspired to get going with finding a new dating partner.

Did you know that the number of people dating at 50 online is absolutely vast? I don’t have the figures to hand, but dating over 50 constitutes a large and influential chunk of today’s online dating market. People in their 50s and 60s are, after all, baby boomers, and we can all see that the baby boomer generation is very active online.

Being aged over 50 is actually a very special time in your life, as it’s very different from other age groups you will have experienced. Now you have the freedom to explore the scene of dating over 50 singles and everything it has to offer. Tell me where else but at an online dating site would you have such a great choice in potential dates?

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One thing that holds back some people over 50 when it comes to looking for a new partner is the fear of being disloyal. They fear being disloyal either to their growing or grown-up children, or they fear being disloyal to their spouse, if they have been bereaved. Obviously, where divorce has been the factor leading to considering dating again then this ‘disloyalty fear’ probably won’t apply. If you have been divorced then check out my advice here.

Let’s deal first with fears of being disloyal to your children. To begin with, you have to accept and expect that they will most probably be hostile to the idea of you dating new people at your age. Though respecting their feelings you should not share them. You may be over 50 but you still have a life to lead. Your life cannot just stop at the age you are; it will continue even if you do try to stop it.

It is not unreasonable to expect not to be lonely in your life. Human beings are social animals and actually need the company of others — in particular a special someone — in order to feel happy and healthy. You will in some ways be a better parent to your children if you are leading a good life yourself.

Explain these things to your children and reassure them that your feelings towards them and your relationship with them will not change. You will still be there for them just as you always have been. The other thing to explain to them is that your new partner is not going to be a replacement for your old one. This brings me on to dealing with your fears about being disloyal to your previous spouse.

You cannot and should not try to replace your spouse. He or she will always own your heart, but that does not mean that you should not make new friends and that one of these should not become a close companion to you, for everyone needs a close companion to remain happy and healthy, as I explained above. Your previous spouse would not want you to be anything else, would they?

I know a couple in their sixties, John and Marie, who are not married yet are very happy together in a companions kind of way. They were each independently bereaved in their 50s and for each of them life did not seem worth living, yet they carried on for the sake of their children.

When they met each other it was on their individual quests to find new friends, but eventually they became very close and now share the daily chores and joys of life together. They have not replaced their deceased spouses, merely found a new companion to share the turmoils of life with. The human heart has an almost endless capacity to love, to expand that love to new people without any diminishing of the love still felt for those before.

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