How to Stay Safe in The Over 50 Chat Rooms

I’m always a little hesitant to recommend chat rooms, whether over 50 chat rooms or for any other age group, as there is an inherent danger in chatting to complete strangers. Much better to go down the personals route and join a free dating and pen pals service such as (see panel on this page).

You get a similar experience in a way because you pick out people who you’d like to email and so you get to know them. The downside is that this process is less immediate than going straight to a chat room. Now for the good news (roll of the drums), has its own chatrooms too!

So you can now have the best of both worlds, you can view over 50′s photos and profiles as well as chat in a safer environment than you would find in chat rooms that are not part of a pen pals/ dating site. Join PenPalsPlanet right away here.

So what are the dangers of chat rooms, over 50s or any other kind? Why is it safer to go through

Paradoxically it is the impersonal nature of the Internet, as I’m sure you know, that allows those who want to exploit others some anonymity to do so. In a regular chat room you really have no idea who you are talking to, no matter who or what they say they are. A very dangerous element is that those who are out to do you harm have techniques at their disposal to trick you into revealing personal details.

Like a con man, they will weave a dream reality around you in which you feel, just for a moment before you realize the danger, comfortable with revealing information about yourself that could identify you, or allow the con man further access to you. It’s like a kind of hypnotism really.

You might feel confident that you wouldn’t fall for anything like that, but the reality is that we are all human with all that entails and we are all subject to certain mental and emotional triggers for those who know how to exploit them. If this wasn’t true then no TV advertising would work and advertisers would be wasting their time. Clearly they are not.

At any site such as PenPalsPlanet you can never be completely safe because that is impossible on the Internet, but you will be somewhat safer than at many chat sites. When you join for free and fill in your profile details you will be able to do so in such a way that you do not reveal your personal details or email address. PenPalsPlanet takes the security of your information very seriously and keeps it secure and protected. Did you know that some dating sites will sell your email address to the highest bidder? Obviously it is important to choose very carefully when you join any site.

You will certainly be safer at the over 50 chat rooms at but you can never be 100% safe online (nor offline, truth be told) so you still have to be careful. When chatting to someone if you feel uncomfortable or things don’t feel quite right then listen to your instincts and end the conversation. If you do find someone who you seem to get on with well then there is the opportunity to email them and build up a relationship over time. is then, our best recommendation for over 50 chat but there are other places worth checking out too. If you visit our Singles Chat Rooms page you will find an animated access screen for FriendFinder

Have fun, enjoy chatting to other over 50s but stay safe!

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