Over 40 Dating Websites:
Does it matter which dating website?

Yes, it does, is the short and simple answer. For over 40 dating you want a website that will protect your personal details (not true of some out there), you want a dating website that will not automatically bill your card each month (most do)… Most of all, you want a website with lots of over 40 singles on it!

My advice is to try out different over 40 dating websites, look at what they offer, see what they say about protecting you and about billing you (if they say nothing you can draw your own conclusions). If you press me for my recommendation of a good over 40 dating site then I would say go to Over 40 Dating at PenPalsPlanet.com every time. Try it for yourself and you’ll see why (and you can join for free initially).

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Most over 40 mature dating sites can be joined for free initially. Try out more than one (at the same time) and try to use all the facilities on offer so that you can see which one suits you the best. Once you find one that suits you then it is best to take out a paid membership as that will give you access to all the facilities available at the site.

The way these websites work is that they allow you access to some working aspects of the site when you register as a free member but to get full access to all the features on offer you have to pay for a subscription. This is fair enough as these dating websites are costly to run.

What they usually offer you for free is the ability to browse members profiles but not to be able to contact members until you purchase a subscription. PenPalsPlanet.com has been more generous than most in what it offers, giving you some leeway to contact members even if they haven’t contacted you.

They have begun to restrict this lately due to the need to increase revenue in these difficult economic times and to be more in line with other dating websites, but they still offer more than most though for how much longer this will be I don’t know.

Whichever over 40 dating website you choose to stick with, do read their instructions and usage advice carefully in order to get the most out of the service. These dating services do have rules that must be followed in order to protect all members and to give them the best possible experience.

Top Recommendation:
Over 40 Dating at PenPalsPlanet.com.

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girl imageBrowse the Photo Profiles at PenPalsPlant.com right away and begin meeting women over 40 or men over 40 online. Start now.

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