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Dating for women over 40 and for men of the same age can be daunting, especially if it follows divorce or bereavement. This is where online over 40 dating excels.

By taking your dating online you will greatly increase your chances of finding someone suitable, as well as making much better use of the time you devote to dating. Over 40 dating online may itself seem daunting at first, but browse a few dating sites, and in particular check out the over 40 dating profiles at PenPalsPlanet.com and you will discover a helpful, friendly site with more mature singles than you could meet offline in a lifetime.

Further down this page we have more advice on over 40 dating. It’s aimed at women over 40 who are considering dating older men, but the points it makes equally apply to men over 40 too. Before we get to the article I’d like to draw your attention to some of the extensive pages on over 40 dating here at SingleDating.com.

First up is over 40 online dating, a page that introduces and summarizes our over 40 dating pages at this site, with more space to do it properly than is available here.

Next up, we have advice for dating older women. This one is aimed at older men, naturally, and gives some tips on how to treat older women with respect. A different article, aimed at women over 40 this time, can be found at Women over 40 Finding Love. This contains extensive and encouraging reasons why women should go forward confidently when it comes to over 40 dating on the Internet.

Over 40s dating — or is it really over 50s? If by ‘over 40 dating’ you actually mean that you are looking for singles in their 50s or 60s then it would be worth reading our Senior Personals for the over 60 lady or man page. Also check our Mature Singles Dating Tips for yet more tips and encouragement for mature singles… Now, here is the promised article on dating tips for women over 40.

Should You Date Older Men When You Are Over 40?
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So should you date older men? First of all, what is the context? It was a question put to me by one of our visitors. My reply began with asking why she was considering dating men who were older than her when she was herself over 40?

Had she found it difficult to find men of her own age? She replied that she had received many more responses to her profile at SeniorPenFriends.com from men in their fifties and sixties than she had from men in their 40s. While she found many of them attractive, at only 43 herself she had some doubts about dating men so much older and it was this that had triggered her question.

My first response was to say that she might find more men of her own age at PenPalsPlanet.com as the term ‘senior’ is used by probably at least half the population to mean someone over 60. While there has been a tendency on the Net for the age boundary of ‘senior’ to be reduced, in some cases as low as 40, I still feel that this is fairly unusual.

My advice was to go to PenPalsPlanet.com and get set up with a profile there, stating in it the specific age group she is looking for. She must include a photo if she were to get men responding to her profile and she should should concentrate on keeping it lighthearted but truthful.

But what about the men in their 50s and 60s who had already contacted her? By all means if she found some of them attractive she should reply, but she should be clear about what she wanted from a dating partner. She would also need to bear in mind that should she get involved with a man 20 years older than her, while there is nothing inherently wrong with that, should the relationship blossom into a life-long thing then she would statistically speaking be bereaved when she is only in her 60s herself. This sounds harsh, but it is best to go into things with your eyes open and to know all the facts. Women generally have longer lives than men in any case, and starting with a man 20 years older would certainly magnify that effect.

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