More page updating this morning. Continuing with the over 40 dating pages for women and men, and going on to include senior dating and senior pen pals pages in this update.

The update is mainly about changing the links that were going to to As I explained yesterday, this reflects a slight shift in our policy resulting from our research into what over 40 dating pages visitors prefer — and now what senior dating and senior pen pals visitors prefer too.

Okay, so which pages have been altered this time around? Over 40 Online Dating is a pretty important page in this context at The reason is that it’s a kind of summary page that collects together the best of the over 40 dating resources at the website and puts them all in one place for easy reference. Whether you include ‘senior dating’ in pages labelled for ‘over 40s’ is a debatable point. We don’t, regarding senior dating personals type pages as a separate category. Nevertheless they have a lot in common, and some sites lump them together.

Senior Dating Sites Online Personals is the first of the senior dating type pages we are going to mention today. It’s a fairly recent page at

Going back for a moment to dating over 40 women and men, I should mention Over 40 Women Dating Advice, a page also updated this morning to point to Anyway, back to the senior dating pages. Senior Online Dating for Over 40 Plus Singles appears to hedge its bets as to whether it’s about over 40 dating or senior dating. But it’s all down to what I mentioned a few moments ago, the question of whether ‘senior dating’ can be equated with ‘over 40 dating’. To quote the page itself, “Senior dating when you’re only 41?” To some it will seem absurd, to others perfectly sensible. Perhaps it depends upon which age group you are in, people in their thirties and twenties regarding any over 40 stuff as ‘senior’ perhaps.

Senior Pen Pals and Online Friends is about, well, senior pen pals and finding online friends — just like it says on the tin! Another updated page this morning also along the lines of senior dating and pen pals is Senior Personals. This is a page that could relate to either dating or pen pals as it is not clear from the keyword which it is that the visitor is looking for (in reality of course the two categories often blur into each other in any case).

Getting back to the over 40 dating theme for a moment, there’s one more page updated and uploaded this morning that I want to mention. It’s Women Over 40 Finding Love, an advice page for women over 40 who are looking for love. Like the other pages mentioned here it has been updated to point to PenPalsPlanet, as well as having other updates added, such as an improved legal paragraph. I guess that’s it for today, more improving and uploading tomorrow, no doubt. :-)

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