Online Penpals Free Site Review

Here’s an interesting penpals site for us to look at today. It’s called PenPals Free .com, and it’s been steadily growing in popularity throughout the past year.

Online Penpals Free — as it is apparently known — is firstly interesting because of its format: if you visit it and take a look you will see that it has very narrow pages for a free penpals site (apart from the home page) on a striking deep orange background. The idea of a very narrow page is an intriguing one, website-design-wise. For one thing it may lose something of an ‘authority look’ by adopting such an online shape; on the other it does tend to focus the mind on the site’s free penpals message.

I’ve been communicating with the webmaster of this ‘different’ online penpals site and he informs me that the site has grown in visitor numbers every month of this year so far. That’s pretty impressive really. It’s not a new penpals site either, having been around since 2004.

The webmaster of Online Penpals Free further informs me that the most popular page there is UK Penpals Free (British), closely followed by American Penpals. No great suprise there, for American and British penpals will most likely be the biggest categories at any such pen pals sites, largely because these countries — out of Western countries — dominate the Internet in terms of numbers of users.

It was hard to get much more information out of the webmaster of Online Penpals Free, for these penpals online webmasters — any webmaster really — like to keep their stats to themselves, but what I did find out was interesting in itself.

Of course we have our own penpals pages here at — better ones too :-) , pages such as Pen Pals: Female Friends and Male Friends as Penfriends. We have a whole raft of pen pals pages in fact, the newest of which is Military Pen Pals. You can read about why we’ve just made that page here: Military Pen Pals Page.

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