Singles in New York City and New York Nightlife

I’ve just been doing some preliminary research into what people say about New York nightlife and the New York singles scene. If you live in the Big Apple, want to visit it or even want to cyber date in New York then you might be interested in what I have found out.

To begin with, in such a large and cosmopolitan city as New York, the nightlife is likely to be very good, and there are no disappointments in that regard. One correspondent reported that “New York is a paradise for every single male, and it must be the same for single women too.” No real surprises there. With a large population and lots of events always going on that is what we would expect.

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But in which areas do New York city singles hang out? The concensus from what I have found out is that Manhattan is the place to go with its large numbers of night clubs and venues where singles can interact. However, despite the fact that some have expressed their discovery of endless “hot girls” and “hot guys” in the clubs and lounges of Manhattan, not everyone is seeking that frenetic scene. There are plenty of ‘quieter’ people out there who really would like to meet someone special without taking part in the New York bar scene. As one girl put it, “singles bars stink”.

Of course you could try the bars in quieter places such as Midtown or the East Village, but perhaps it is not nightlife as such that you want at all. Perhaps, like many, you would like to meet New York city singles in a less rarified atmosphere, a more ‘normal’ environment. In this case then you should seriously look at joining some evening classes, groups or societies in whatever area interests you.

Because New York is such a thriving place there should be no limit to the venues of this kind in which you could participate. Joining a sports team, Taking cooking classes, or learning a foreign language, for example, gives a new skill and provides the opportunity to share the learning process and so have something in common with a group of diverse people, many of whom would no doubt be single and also hopeful of meeting someone nice. Having something in common is always a good starting point for any new relationship. Also regularly scan the local newspapers and magazines for New York events — new things are always happening in the Big Apple.

Almost needless to say, you could meet New York city singles online at our recommended dating site, Having met someone in this way you could then embark on a shared enterprise, such as attending the same language class, in order to grow together through a shared experience.

Really, the ways in which you could meet new singles in New York are endless, you just have to decide what kinds of places would be best for you, depending on what kind of people you want to meet. Then use a little imagination to find ways to put your plans into practice. But don’t just sit there thinking about it, get out there and meet singles in New York!

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