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It’s only fairly recently that has started to develop a section of the website devoted to military single dating… Can’t wait to go straight to the Military Singles Profiles? Click here: Military Pen Pals for Singles Dating

Considering that this site is called ‘Single Dating’ and that it has been online for over 10 years now, this is somewhat surprising.

However, we have noted with interest the Military singles dating pages that have been developed by our friends over at and this has piqued our own interest in this area of the dating world. In this case I am thinking of pages such as the first one they did about military pen pals, namely Military Pen Pals, as well as more specific niche pages such as Army Pen Pals and US Military Pen Pals.

Now, these are military pen pals pages rather than military singles dating, I hear you object, but the fact is that most people searching for military pen pals nowadays have military single dating as their ultimate goal.

It’s just a different approach, a less in-your-face approach to military singles dating. By looking for military pen pals these singles give themselves the option of just being friends with people they meet online, so perhaps giving them the opportunity and the time to be more choosy about who they actually date.

Another fairly recent site that is taking the same kind of approach to military singles dating — that is via the military pen pals route — is They recently discussed’s military pen pals pages here: Military Penpals Sites, and again at Looking for Pen Pals: Military, both reflecting the current interest in military penpals and military dating.

What is the Appeal of Dating a Military Single?

Mostly, in this type of dating, we are talking about women who want to date military men. So, to rephrase the question, what is the attraction of military men for women?

I believe it has to do with the image of a military man in the eyes of the women who want to date them. A military man will be seen as a strong, manly character who is brave and is risking his life for his country. As such he would make a good husband and possibly a good father too. Whether women who want to date military men think that far ahead or in those exact terms, I don’t know. Some will, I have little doubt.

So, for many a man in the military would be seen as ideal for single dating. One must not ignore the drawbacks of dating military personnel, however. Long times apart, worry over safety and if marriage follows then the risk of frequent relocation are all factors that must be included in the overall picture…

Now, remember, if you want to go to the military singles dating pen pals to browse their profiles you need to go to Military Pen Pals and not to, which is for general rather than military pen pals.

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