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What should go in your first email to a military single? How do you get over that initial contact when making military pen pals? Below we look at what you should say in that first email…

Dating Military Singles? Get The First Email Right!

It’s the first contact, the email communication that creates the very first impression that your online date will get of you. Remember, first impressions count as we have already discussed elsewhere. Just click the link in the last sentence for that discussion. Is the first email even more important with military singles?

Well, the first email is important whoever you are sending it to — if it matters to you, that is, to make a good impression. There are certain things you do have to take into account when emailing single military personnel.

Imagine yourself in the shoes of the person you’re emailing. What would you like to hear? Bear in mind too the situation that he (or she — not all military singles are male!) might be in. What would make you want to get to know the person writing to you?

If it’s a long, drawn-out email describing recent events in the sender’s life, events that are really not that interesting to someone else, then that’s not going to be endearing, is it? Have you ever been to a party where someone cornered you and you couldn’t get away until you had listened to their life story, or to the saga of the failure of their business, or worse (if you can get much worse than these) to how change a faucet washer…?

Be careful that your first email isn’t like one of these scenarios. You don’t want to bore the socks off the military pen pal concerned before you’ve even got to know them a bit. Put yourself in their shoes, what would you like to see in an email?

Probably the answer is something fairly short to begin with, something positive and friendly that would make you think this is someone worth getting to know.

Another good approach is to ask the single person concerned about something you have noticed in their profile. “Hey, I see you’re interested in ____, that sounds great, I’d like to know more.” But be careful, they might take this invitation as an opportunity to become the very party bore you were trying not to be. As in all things, moderation is good; overdoing something is bad.

So far the things we have looked at would apply to almost any first email exchanged at a dating site. So, what is different about emailing soldiers or other military singles? The most obvious point is that they will be very keen to hear about news from home, or to be reminded of life back home. A simple thing such as a stroll in the park might seem like something from another universe on the other side of the galaxy to our military single, so distant might it appear, yet so wonderful and alluring. Bear in mind that things that you take for granted often are not taken for granted by someone living away from home in another country. You have to be aware that you may become a conduit for news and views of what’s happening back home.

The other thing is to forget, so to speak, that you are talking to a military guy or lady, at least so far as conversation and chat go. Keep it light, talk to them as human beings not as soldiers.

Taking all of this into account, especially putting yourself into the shoes of your military contact, you should be able to write a fairly short but friendly and positive email that will set the tome for future correspondence.

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