Military pen pals is a category of pen pals that has become very popular in recent years. If you go back to the millenium and look at search statistics you’ll find that hardly anyone was searching for military pen pals in those days (when compared with other types of pen pals searches).

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Perhaps it’s the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, combined with the growing ease of use of the Internet that has led to this great upsurge of interest in military pen pals. Now it seems almost as if everyone wants a pen pal in the military!

In its endeavours to provide some of the best information about growing trends, now has a small but growing section covering military pen pals, called, not surprisingly Military Pen Pals. This site provides a useful profile search point to our recommended military pen pals service, Military Pen Pals at, a professionally run site where you can find all kinds of military pen pals, be it soldier pen pals, air force pen pals, marines pen pals or forces pen pals in general. (Watch out that there are many amateurish military pen pal sites out there).

Military Pen Pals, the page at, also offers an article full of useful advice about etiquette (netiquette?) when emailing military pen pals and what you must be aware of. These are things you should know before seeking military penpals, so read the advice on the page first!

Other Military Pen Pal Resources

Our friends over at International Pen Pal .com offer several useful pages about military pen pals, full of excellent advice and things to watch out for. Check out Military Pen Pals Advice with an insightful article by Vince Appleby, as well as Military Pen Pals Lists full of advice about how to use the military pen pal lists on offer there. They have further pages on the topic too, such as I am Looking for a Pen Pal in the Military, a FAQ-style question and answer page dealing with the advantages and disadvantages of military pen pals as penfriends. There are other resources there as well, more specific than the general subject area, such as the US country-specific page, US Military Pen Pals Online which contains some interesting facts about the posting overseas of military personnel and what this means to you in terms of potential pen pals.

Another page worth mentioning at is Army Pen Pals, a sub-section of military pen pals of course, and this page looks briefly at the daily lives of army pen pals and what this might mean in terms of them becoming your pen pal.

Finding Free Military Pen Pals

To find free military pen pals you can of course access almost any of the resources already mentioned on this page. The first place of call though should be Military Pen Pal .net as from this professional site you can directly access inumerable free military pen pals. Note that it will be of little use searching from the profiles panel on the right of the page you are now reading, as that deals with pen pals in general, you need to go directly to its sister site Military Pen Pals at and search the profiles from there. You could try it right now, click on the link and see for yourself how good it is, or search directly using the easy form below:

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More Military Pen Pals Resources and Other Sites

Military Pen Pals – Yahoo Answers
Military Pen Pals questions and answers: example: ‘Where can I find a military pen pal?’

Military Pen Pals Videos at YouTube
Actually only 2 military pen pals labelled videos there, and one of those is for soldier pen pals with school kids, so not relevant. Clearly we need more military pen pal videos!

Military Pen Pals has some material on military pen pals, but very limited.

Military Pen Pals at
This is the military pen pals site we recommend for those wanting to join a military penpals site and meet people as forces pen pals. You can search military profiles from here.

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