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Where to meet single women has been a question that has taxed the single male’s mind for an eternity, going right back to caveman days. In those days the task was a million times harder than it is now – meeting single women was usually restricted to those in your own tribe. If you didn’t find those women suitable then the concept of the best places to meet women probably boiled down to ‘in the devastated nearest village after your tribe has conquered their tribe’…

What a relief it is to live in the modern age when things are so different. Relief? you say! The problem seems even worse now! Well, agreed, for some it can be. If your job simply does not bring you into contact with many single women to meet, for example, or you are very shy for another, then it’s just as great a problem as ever it was.

There is, of course, one overriding answer that beats all the rest of the possible answers to where to meet single women. You should have got it by now… No? Er, what site are you reading this on? Yes, that’s right, Single Dating .com, an Internet dating site! Internet dating is of course the answer to the problem of where to meet single women in the 21st century. It’s relatively simple, it’s straightforward, it doesn’t cost a lot, and it usually works. Provided you choose the right site that is. I always point single men in the direction of Single Women at because this site has everything you need. It protects your private data, has SmartMatch technology, access to millions of members at home and across the world, and you can join for free. (If, later you decide to take out a paid subscription then it’s cheaper than most of its competitors.) They’ve even agreed to us putting their profiles search panel on the right of this page. So you can go straight to the single women’s profiles from this very page, how simple is that, eh? :-)

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Meeting single women is much easier with online dating. To date single women online has to be the easiest kind of dating there ever was. Once you’re comfortable with someone online then you can move the relationship offline and meet in person for the first time, but how much easier that way! To help you, we have a large number of resources and advice articles to smooth the way. To set you on the right road, Stephanie Constantina has some sage advice at Meet People Online: How To, while on the subject of meeting a single women or man over 30, she gives her advice at Meet a Single Woman or Man Over 30.

One of the original pages we made at this site on the topic of how and where to meet a single women, was Single Lady – Dating Single Women and despite the page address being ‘single ladies’ we published this page well before the the music single of the same name came onto the scene. Here at we also have many pages aimed at helping you find single women in specific countries or locations, for example, Single Scottish Women.

Okay, there’s a wealth of advice on meeting single women at this site, but I should not neglect other sites. What articles on the topic worth reading have I come across elsewhere? Over at Meet Women – Favorite Places there’s a couple of useful ideas. His top place though is still Internet Dating (I told you!) Another such article at a different site is The Best Places to Meet Single People, which suggests a couple more places where singles hang out, but once again the author there has Internet dating sites in the number one position. So what more can I say, what more do you need to hear? Internet dating is the best place, period. And within Internet dating we rate as the best. Go check it out, what have you got to lose? …Oh, yes, only your ‘single and looking’ status… :-)

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