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The ease of online dating can leave you with the wrong impression if you are a man who wants to meet a woman online. This is especially true if you are new to dating on the web. The fact that you can view hundreds of women’s profiles — even thousands — in quite a short time and contact as many of these women as you want, can leave you with the impression it’s going to be as easy as pie. Sometimes it can be, but look, online dating is a tool like any other tool, and you have to learn to use it in the right way. You wouldn’t try to knock in a nail with a screwdriver, would you? Below I’m going to give you some pointers on how to do it right and so greatly increase your chances of success when it comes to how to meet a woman online.

1) If you really want to meet a woman through online dating then you had better start off in the right way. This means choosing a reliable online dating service. You need one that has dedicated staff who are always seeking to improve it, a site that is not too heavy on your wallet and also one that protects your personal data and email address (some don’t). Importantly it should have a very large database of single women. When it come to recommending a site that fulfils these criteria I always point people in this direction: Meet a Woman at Online Dating Service – Join for Free. (Not only for the reasons above either, for if you upgrade to a paid option then does not automatically charge your credit card each month as nearly all the others do).

For more on which dating websites to use to meet a woman (if you’re over 40) go to Over 40 Dating Websites Advice.

2) Three things to remember next: Get your profile right, get your profile right and get your profile right! I’m not kidding. If you don’t make the most of your profile then you’re just not going to get the interest from that single women you’d like to meet, no matter how good the dating site! (Online dating is a tool, remember). First, you have to write a dating profile that is going to attract the attention of single women (but in the right way, be careful now). See my article Writing an Online Dating Profile Effectively. An invaluable aid in helping you get this right as an integral part of your plan to meet a woman through online dating is look at how other men have written their profiles. Look at lots! For more on this go to Dating Profile Examples – How to use them.

3) When contacting women online for the first time how should you go about it? What do you say? How many can you contact at once? Questions, questions — I’ve answered them all here: Contacting Women Online For Dating.

4) Once you do meet a woman through online dating — to the extent, that is, that she is responding to your profile or your email (the online equivalent of ‘meet’), then you need to know how to respond in the right way, how to carry on a conversation, what to talk about. It’s no good boring her with your long involved life story, or your tale of how other women you went out with didn’t understand you (would you want to hear all that, if you were a women?) A special case here is the military single or pen pal. If this applies to you check out this page: Military Single Pen Pals First Email.

5) The first date. What do you do? Where should you go? What should you talk about? I’m not going to say it all again, so read my advice article covering the first date here: First Date Advice and Tips

6) Lastly, always put yourself in her shoes! How else are you going to be a good boyfriend and get well beyond the stage where you only meet a woman online? Find out what women want in a man.

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