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Over the past week or so we’ve been reviewing the best ways to meet a single woman, so this post is a kind of summing up of what has been learned, the best strategies, and so. Of course this is all aimed at advising single men, so if you are a single woman seeking a man then we have plenty of advice for you too — see our site map for details.

To the task in hand: how to meet a single woman. In the post Meet Single Women: The Best Places the point was made that of all possible places where you could find a single woman the best was probably online at a quality penpals/ dating site such as This was not just our advice but agreed with various writers on the subject across the Internet. After all, it stands to reason, does it not, that there are bound to be a lot more available single women online than anywhere else you could go to look for them. In addition, these are women who are actively looking for a partner, unlike many a single woman you might encounter by chance, a point made in Find Single Women Seeking Men.

Just because a quality dating site is the best place to meet single woman does not mean that you should ignore other places, or go around with your eyes shut. In Attract a Single Woman: How To various places are discussed, the traditional night club being generally considered one of the least good places. Enroll in an evening class, take dancing lessons and look on Facebook are all things that come out ahead of night clubing as venues to meet and get to know single females.

It is also important to understand that you may have to change your whole mindset if you want to meet a single women and pick her up. By ‘training’ yourself to speak to every single woman you come across, wherever that may be, you can develop a mindset that enables you to feel relaxed and confident when speaking to a woman, a very important ingredient in being successful with women.

Other resources here at relevant to how to meet a single woman seeking a man that I’d like to mention include Meet a Single Woman Over 30 which includes some sage advice from Stephanie Constantina about your priorities in life as a single during your 30′s. How to Attract A Single Woman has amazing advice from Tiffany Taylor on how to seduce a woman you have met by using ‘Deflection Theory’. Finally for all single women out there and to ‘balance the books’ a bit may I point you in the direction of How to Attract a Single Man.

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