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So, you’d like to meet mature single women or men but you’ve got fears and reservations about the whole thing. Listen up, everybody has. You’re not alone. Most of the mature singles you’d like to meet feel the same way you do. So what’s stopping you? This page contains some dating tips for meeting mature singles.

Your actual age is not a problem, for you are likely to be more mature, emotionally speaking, than you were when much younger. Generally this quality is seen as an advantage, so mature singles do have this in-built advantage even before they get back to dating again. It is a strange fact that a proportion of younger people want to date older singles mostly because of this very quality of emotional maturity.

Maybe you have reservations about meeting mature women or men on the Internet. Don’t have, the Internet has so many advantages over offline locations for mature dating. Characteristics such as access to very large numbers of mature singles are a huge advantage, as is anonymity, getting to know mature people before you meet in person, and so on. Of course, there ARE scammers out there too, no one is denying that, but the fact is there are scammers in offline life too, and you don’t let them stop you doing anything offline, do you? (I hope not). Look upon the Internet as a way to make contact with mature singles before you meet them offline, a way to weed out the undesirables, if you like.

To save yourself time make sure you spell out in your profile what kind of person you are looking for. Too many younger people do not do that and therefore waste a lot of effort responding to completely unsuitable people who have contacted them. As a mature dater you can use your knowledge and experience to your advantage.

Mature people may be divorced singles, may have suffered bereavement or may never have married – whatever the case they are meeting online in ever increasing numbers these days. So, forget your fears about meeting older single women or men online and get involved!

Resources for Mature Singles Dating

Here at we have a lot of resource pages aimed at mature singles. Mature Women Dating Mature Men has an interesting article on interracial dating for mature singles – an interesting slant on the topic. Our perennial page Senior Personals for the Over 60 Lady or Man seems nearly as old as the people it sets out to give advice to, so long has it been online!

Dating Mature Men or Women over 40 or 50 is proving a popular page because it provides a way in to most of our mature singles pages. This theme continues with Over 40 and Senior Dating Pages Updates which is really just about changes we’ve been making to our pages aimed at mature older visitors.

Resources outside this site that I’d like to mention include Senior Penfriends which is aimed at the over 60′s. Over 40 Woman and Man Personals is also worth a visit.

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