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Mature dating – everybody over a certain age seems to be into it these days. And with the advantages of dating mature singles online there’s no stopping many. But you have to take responsibility for the choices you make – that’s the message in the advice further down this page. Much of it could be applied to dating relationships of any age group, but here it is being applied specifically to mature dating.

Mature Dating Resources

But first a look at some resources for mature dating. There are, as one might expect, endless resources online about mature dating and their web sites, so only a select few can be mentioned here. First up is our own page Over 60 Lady or Man: Senior Personals, however you may be of a younger age group, in which case Mature Single Lady or Man over 40 Dating is the page to go to. Moving beyond our site I’d like to give a mention to Older Lady Older Man Personals at, while over at is a useful mature dating article on Using An Online Senior Dating Site to Meet Mature Singles. No room for any more mature dating site mentions on this page, alas, but here’s the promised advice…

Taking Responsibility For Your Mature Dating

Naturally you should be having fun when you get into dating again at a mature age. Nobody is trying to rain on your parade. But dating at an older age is not the same as when you were in your 20s. Now you do have some responsibilities to consider.

There are are some men in particular who, finding themselves divorced, jump into online dating and meeting lots of women as a consequence as if there is no tomorrow. Things aren’t like they used to be. There are, for one thing, STD’s to take into account these days, much worse ones than there were back in the 60s and 70s, AIDS being a major factor that didn’t exist then in the era of ‘free love’.

Now that you are older, your life has moved on and you have accumulated experience but also most likely you have children. You have a responsibility to them, no matter how difficult your dovorce was or how bitter it has left you feeling. Your grown-up children will need you now more than at any other time, so they do not want to see their father or mother acting like a 1970s teenager.

You might not like any of this, but facts are facts, you aren’t 18 any more and this isn’t the 1970s. You have to face up to the times you are living in and to the age group you now reside in and accept the restraints and responsibilities that come with it.

Now that you are more mature — and hopefully that means emotionally not just physically — you are in a better position to know your own mind, to know what you want out of life for the coming years and most importantly, to know what kind of person you would like to meet and spend the rest of your life with. Incorporate this understanding into your dating profile so that you filter out unsuitable people at the outset.

Have fun with dating mature singles but never lose sight of the responsibilities you now bear towards others.

For mature dating go to You can search their mature singles profiles using the panel to the top right of this page. Just input the age and location of the people you are seeking.

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