Make Friends Online: Why Not Start Today!

Yes, you can make new friends online and there’s no reason why you cannot start today. If you are single then a good approach towards meeting new people and making new friends is to join our recommended service for singles: Make Friends Online at Because it’s not an “in-your-face” dating site you have time and space to get to know lots of people before you might want to consider getting to know one or two of them better.

That’s a great advantage when it comes to making new friends online. Add to this that you can join for free, your personal details are protected on a secure server and that you can if you wish meet new friends on a virtual date and you may start to see why Friends Online at is a winner. Why not check it out right away, you have nothing to lose but your fear. You could begin by browsing the photo profiles to see who’s out there in your area or beyond: Browse the Photo Profiles at

You want to make friends online, don’t you? Have you considered the advantages and disadvantages of this?

Ultimately, I think, most people would like the friends they make online to become offline friends too. There can be little advantage in getting to know someone on the Internet yet never wishing to meet them. Of course their are Net friends and acquaintances whom one is never likely to ever meet, despite all our modern improvements in air travel and communications.

Such people may be simply too far away to make meeting them in person a likelihood. They may be living in a country whose economy is much lower than yours; in any case the current economic conditions of most countries and their people is making it harder and harder to afford air fares to meet people in different parts of the world simply out of interest and friendship. Although friendship should be the most important reasons for doing anything, in reality it is often for business reasons and making a living that we are most highly motivated.

This is one great advantage of having online friends. Though we may never meet them in person we can still share their lives through the near instant communication available to us nowadays, not to mention the facility to send visual images. With the ability to send images comes the ability to share moments, events and progress in life, even though the recipient may be hundreds or even thousands of years away. It reminds me of a 1950s movie in which a man was communicating with a girl but did not realize she was literally living on another planet. Once he did realize it was too late and he was hopelessly in love with her. Yet they could never meet, the technology did not exist and they were in case from different species!

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