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Welcome to, your guide to online dating since 1999. We have always had a significant Latin dating section to our website, and with the growth of Latin dating sites and the ever growing number of Latin singles seeking dating online our site has continued to grow alongside.

Which Latin dating sites do we recommend? First and foremost we would urge you to try Latin Dating at Amigos. This is a long-standing Latin Internet dating site aimed exclusively at Latinos, Spanish-speaking singles and English-speakers who want to date Latinas or Latin men. You can access the site in Spanish, English or Portuguese, so language should not be a barrier. Join for free by clicking here.

Secondly there is now very large Latin dating sector within, the dating service which is our usual first choice for all our visitors seeking to make new friends and dating relationships. Don’t neglect to try it out — you can join this one for free too.

Latin dating sites online have grown exponentially in recent years. This is no doubt because of the huge growth in computer access that the Spanish-speaking world has experienced in recent times. Dating in general is big on the Internet and now that most Latin Americans have online access naturally the growth of sites dedicated to serving them has moved a pace.

But what can you expect from Latin dating sites? Are they different from non-Latin sites? The short answer, beyond a few minor cultural differences, is no. Why is this?

Online dating has been such a great success story on the Internet that it is versatile enough to adapt to almost any culture. It is serving fundamental human needs for friendship and to find marriage partners so what works with one culture in this regard generally works with, or has its equivalent, with another culture.

Therefore, if you are used to a general dating site and you join one aimed at Latin Americans you are going to find the same kinds of features in place as you have seen before. A major difference may be language, but if you join the Amigos site mentioned above then you can switch the whole site from one language to another literally at the click of a link at the top of the page.

Here’s the link again, Latin Dating at Amigos. You can join the site for free and even place your own profile at no cost should you wish to do so. Why not browse the personals there now to see who is available? You never know who you are going to find unless you try.

More Resources for Lating Dating Sites and Latin Dating

We have a large number of pages at this site dedicated to Latin Dating in all its forms. Here is a pick of some of the best for you to read more about Latin Dating and to discover more Latin dating sites. Latin Pen Pals looks briefly at the merits of pursuing the pen pals approach to Latin dating, while Latin Lady Personals gives you a direct search interface for Latin Dating at Amigos, mentioned above. There is also a page for Latino Man Personals.

Here are some direct links for Latin Dating at Amigos; they will take you directly to photo personals for your chosen category:

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