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You want to join a quality online dating service, and if possible you’d like to join one for free. The question is: Is this possible? If it is, then which service or services should you join?

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There are clearly two strands to this question: whether it’s possible to join a quality service that is free, and which particular dating service is best to join. The first thing you have to know is that in one sense ALL online dating services are free to join. But most of these services offer a paid upgrade option which enables you to contact members yourself rather than waiting for other members to contact you. Some go further and won’t allow you to reply to member emails without upgrading yourself (probably best to stay away from those).

Totally free dating sites are fewer in number and of questionable use. This is for good reason. dating services are businesses like any other business: they have to make a profit to survive. Totally free dating sites make their income purely from advertising. The advertising that is possible on such sites brings in fewer profits than sites which also charge for upgrades or subscriptions. This results in fewer staff able to provide customer service, filter out fake profiles and so on. As with most things you get what you pay for.

A much better option open to you in your search to join a dating service for free is to go with a paid upgrade type of site (the majority of dating services, the most popular and with good reason). You certainly can join these for free, which gives you the opportunity to try them out at no cost. If you want to upgrade the functionality you have there then you have to take out a paid upgrade – but you don’t have to do that of course unless you want to.

When it comes to improved functionality in an upgrade to a free online dating service, the best we have seen is that of, which has over time has offered greater use of available features than other sites we have investigated. Add to this Pen Pals Planet’s other aspects such as every member’s data being protected on secure servers, no fake profiles to lure people in and an honest caring approach to helping you succeed and you begin to see why Pen Pals Planet is our recommended quality dating services to join. What is more, if after having your free account for a few weeks you do decide to upgrade (and note also that Pen Pals Planet’s prices are lower than most other sites) then you will find that your credit card is NOT charged automatically each month as it would be with most dating sites. So you stay in control at all times, and only stay with the site as long as you want to. This is why we at have partnered with the organisation behind this site, and why we display their search panel on our site.

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Still not entirely convinced? Listen, you could waste months and months using the few totally free dating sites out there only to realise in the end that a paid upgrade service is the only thing that is going to give you what your really need when it comes to online dating. Are you serious about finding someone? Then don’t waste any more time and check out our recommended service through the links above.

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Final Thoughts on Your Search for “join dating service for free”

Once the confusion is sorted out then it’s quite easy to see which is the best quality dating service to join, isn’t it. Some Internet users search for the “largest online dating service” or the “best online dating site” but neither of these phrases will easily lead you to the information you need. To get the best out of online dating try for free right away. Is it your intention to find love? Join dating service described on this page and join those successful in finding love at this service. You could begin seeing what our recommended service has to offer by browsing the photo profiles now: Browse the Photo Profiles at Pen Pals Planet.

Here’s a direct link to our recommended top free dating site to join: Join Dating Service For Free Here
Ability to view vast numbers of profiles; your personal data is protected on secure servers; lots of functionality and features such as virtual dating for those who want to try it.

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