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We have a page on Japanese Personals here at SingleDating.com, as well as other Japanese-themed pages about Japanese Pen Pals, such as Japanese penpals in Japan and Japanese Friends. Each of these pages offers information and articles about finding pen pals or dating personals in Japan, and even what you need to know about Japanese penpals.

Now, on a webmaster’s note, you could say that these japanese personals and pen pals pages fall into a countries-personals category, and more specifically, a Japanese pen pals category within that. Yet, we do not categorise our pages at SingleDating.com, except within this blog (an effect of WordPress), which is but a small part of the whole site. Now, the significance of this is firstly an observation that categories and categorization are becoming increasingly important online, especially since the development of social bookmarking and commenting sites.

My main point though is that although useful to web browsers, categories such as ‘Japanese Pen Pals Personals’ and the like have the effect of dividing up information into sections within the human mind, and as a result some information has to be forced into categories into which it ill-fits, while the mere existence of categories destroys mental links between (and hence understanding) of information areas!

Rant over for now. Returning to the subject (or category!) of Japanese pen pals and Japanese personals, I want to look briefly at who is using our pages about them. There’s no way to know this for certain as a webmaster or blogger, as you can’t tell where individual visitors come from and you should only have access to aggregated information.

However, this enables you to make educated guesses. So, what are my educated guesses about the people visiting our Japanese personals pages? Firstly there are Japanese people who want to meet others in their own country — pretty obvious, that one. But the site is in English, so that tends towards the conclusion that a large proportion of visitors to our Japanese personals pages are actually Westerners (principally Americans, I suspect) who are attracted to the Japanese lifestyle, culture and country. Interesting…

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