How To Settle Down With A Good Woman Or A Good Man.
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There are some people to whom settling down with a good woman or man comes naturally. They don’t even have to think about it, or so it seems. One minute they’re single, the next they’re hitched for life. Come back in ten years time (or 20 come to that) and they’ll still be with the same person, gently contented and enjoying life. Somehow, if to settle down is your aim, they’ve got it made.

But what about the flighty people, the people who get easily bored, those who jump from one thing — and one person — to another. How do they settle down with a good woman or a good man? What, in fact, is the secret?

Well, there’s no secret as such to the problem of how to settle down with a good woman or a good man. It’s a process, rather. First, of course, you have to find the right person — and this, of course is where half of the problem lies for those who want to but can’t settle down with someone special.

The other half of the problem is becoming a person worth settling down with. Probably you guessed I was going to say that? It’s all well and good to say “I want to settle down with someone special”, but if you’re not (yet) the settling down type then saying it is one thing and doing it something else.

If you’re ‘flighty’, if you find yourself moving from one relationship to another without really knowing why or what you are looking for, then you maybe have to stop and say, “Hey, listen up a minute.” Look yourself up and down in the mirror and ask yourself what gives. What do you want out of life? Why do you keep moving from one person to another?

It may be of course that this is the biggest problem to solve — if the problem is in yourself rather than in other people. Or maybe you haven’t met anybody yet who you really wanted to settle down with. Only you can know the answer to that.

So, how to settle down with a good man or a good woman is not necessarily an easy one to answer. But you do have to start somewhere. You have to begin by finding suitable people, by getting to know them and just as importantly by getting to know yourself and what you want out of life.
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