How to Get a Girl friend More Easily and Where and How to Meet Nice Women

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You have no girlfriend and you just want to meet nice women? You can greatly increase your chances of getting a girlfriend by following the advice on this page and at related pages here at

If you find yourself asking Google to “find me a girlfriend” and maybe you’ve even looked at other people’s girlfriend images then it’s high time you did something serious about it. Whether you want a global girlfriend or one nearer home you need to learn the basics.

How to Get a Girl Friend: Basic Strategies

So, what are the basics when it comes to ways to get a girlfriend? Where do you go to meet potential girlfriends and how clear are you about how to get a girl to go out with you? You can over-complicate it all, get hung up on the details of what to do and say. The best advice is to keep it simple. Don’t try to be someone you’re not. Be yourself and be friendly, not a creep. Girls are people too you know, so relate to them as people first and foremost.

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Top Places to Get a Girl friend

Number one on the list of places to get a girlfriend has to be at a quality online dating site. There are simply so many nice women looking for boyfriends online that you stand a better chance of meeting girls on the web than anywhere else. For an easier, less stressful approach to online dating join a pen pals site such as Pen Pals There is a never-ending list of nice women there and the pen pals approach gives you the opportunity to take your time and get to know several women before asking one to go out with you.

Other places where you might meet nice women and get a girl friend are by taking evening classes in a subject that interests you; and by taking dancing lessons (women at dancing classes hugely out-number men). For more places to meet nice women go to Attract a Woman – How to.

Always keep in mind too that there are definite advantages to being a shy guy: see Get a Girlfriend, Shy Guy!

Further good advice is to always maintain the right mental attitude or ‘open mode’ in which you are always ready and prepared to talk to nice women wherever you encounter them: see Meeting single women for more on this approach to getting girls to go out with you.

How to Get a Girlfriend Sites

Before you go skipping off to other sites, there are more how to meet nice women and get a girl friend resources well worth your time seeing, here at In How to Flirt With a Single Woman guest author Michael Back discusses two key techniques you must know. However, if you are a shy guy who would rather keep it simple then these techniques may not quite be for you …yet. There are in fact many advice articles online that suggest you portray a ‘bad boy’ image as this is supposed to attract women, but if you are a shy guy who just wants to meet nice women then this is probably 1) hard to pull off 2) not very desirable anyway, for do most women really want a guy who will treat them badly? I’m sure they don’t! We’ll be looking at this issue in another post shortly: How To Attract Women.

In the meantime the best dating advice is to be yourself and to treat the nice women you meet as people, not objects of desire. Also, go to places where single women looking for men are likely to hang out, such as at Pen Pals Keep these things in mind and you should have already greatly improved your chances of getting a girl friend!

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How to Get a Girl Friend – just use the panel on the right of this page to access the photo profiles of nice women in your area looking for friendship or love…

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