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How get a boyfriend is a subject that must have occupied many girl’s minds since the year dot. Here at we have been providing online dating advice since 1999. Check out our how to get a boyfriend related pages and articles, such as How to Find a Boyfriend Online and How to Attract a Man Online

So How Do You Get A Boyfriend?

A more pertinent question to ask might be “Why haven’t I got a boyfriend?” By tackling the question head on like this you are more likely to reveal the reasons why you haven’t got one. You will be forced to confront those reasons and therefore be in a better position to do something about them. All too often people paddle about around a problem, making very small attempts to solve it but really getting nowhere because it is easier not to tackle it head-on.

But if you have a problem you really want to solve then you must tackle it head on.

So why don’t you have a boyfriend? There may be lots of reasons, but basically you can group these reasons into external factors and internal factors. If you can, by identifying these reasons one by one, remove them then there will be nothing to stop nature taking its course and you finding a boyfriend.

External Factors

These may be anything from not being in a position to meet or mix with men in your daily life down to your personal appearance. If you never have the opportunity to meet men in your daily life then the way to solve that one is to meet men online. You can do this by registering at our recommended dating site (see link higher up this page). Don’t underestimate the power of online dating, nowadays millions are using it and presumably therefore finding some degree of success with it.

Here are some other external factors you need to question yourself about. ‘Is my personal appearance everything it could be?’ This may be down to choice of clothes. Ask a female friend to go shopping with you and give you her advice. Break out of the rut you are in and try a new, more up-to-date look. You may surprise yourself. Get your hair done, then go to a beautician for a new, more appealing look.

Internal Factors

These are harder to solve than external factors. These are the psychological barriers that may be preventing you from getting a boyfriend. The most common of these is setting your standards too high. If you set your standards too high when judging whether specific men are suitable as ‘boyfriend material’ or not then you may well be excluding particular men who in practice would make a very good boyfriend for you.

Just because you go out with or date a man it doesn’t mean you will have to marry him. You can date a man just for the practice, he doesn’t have to be ‘the one’. This might mean dating men who you would not previously have considered, but if you do then the better-looking men who you would really rather be dating will notice and ask themselves “What has he got that I haven’t?”

You will also look much more attractive to other men if you are dating. This is a psychological factor that there isn’t space enough to go into here, but believe me, it works. On a side note, when dating any man for the first time do take the usual precautions of telling someone you trust where you have gone and with whom, as well as meeting in a place where there are other people around. A lunch date is usually a good starting point.

Finally, if you are dating and have a boyfriend at all then you are gaining in experience and getting used to what it is like to have a boyfriend. This will put you in a much better position, psychologically-speaking to build a better relationship with your soul-mate when he does eventually make an appearance.

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