How to Find Love Online As Quickly As Humanly Possible
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To find love online is the current goal of many millions of people across the country and the world. This is good for you because if you are looking for love and so are millions of others then you stand a good chance of meeting someone who you can fall in love with.

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Now, the title of this article is of course how to find love online as quickly as humanly possible. What this means is that you can find love using the advice I am about to give you but you have to be realistic that finding love cannot be hurried — hence the ‘as quickly as humanly possible’ qualifier in the sentence. It just isn’t realistic to think you can meet someone online (or offline) and find true love with them inside a week. There are of course people who claim to have found “love at first sight”, but what they are really talking about is a very strong physical attraction — you might say they are ‘besotted’ with someone.

There’s nothing wrong with this, physical attraction is the first stage towards finding true love. It can, if conditions are right, go on to develop into real love. But it is only the initial stage in a relationship and is not, in itself, the kind of love that will make a relationship last for years and years. If you think you have fallen in love with someone based on their looks what happens if and when their looks change? What will be left then? As little as changing a hair style can switch that internal “love at first sight” switch right off.

Also, you have to keep in mind in your search for love online that appearances can be deceptive and the photos people post of themselves can be two, five, ten years old… or of someone else completely.

If you can find love online which is, for want of a better term, ‘true love’ then you will have found a real relationship with someone in which you completely trust the other person and he or she completely trusts you, a relationship based on shared goals and experiences, a relationship in which the other person’s well being really is more important to you than your own. Add to this the excitement of sexual attraction as well and you have something truly special. That — the whole package — is true love.

Finding love in such a relationship is clearly not something that is going to happen in a week; some people never find it at all. Finding love online is only the starting point for such a relationship: you might meet online, but for such a full love relationship to develop you have to take it offline first.

Fact is, online dating and pen pals sites are a tool you can use to meet people and speed up the process of finding the right person. Then, if you really have found the right person, the relationship will continue offline and develop into true love.

So, how do you find love online as quickly as humanly possible? Online dating and pen pals gives you the advantage of being able to ‘vet’ as many people as possible in your search for someone suitable with whom you have the chance to develop a love relationship. Rather than being limited to say 50 single friends, aquaintances, workmates and neighbors — or to 50 singles in a nightclub — you have in effect unlimited single people to consider in your search to find love. Therefore it makes sense to be systematic, to ‘vet’ as many potential love partners via their online profiles and by chatting to them online, as possible. Then narrow down your search to a handful to assess further.

Be clear what kind of person you are looking for in your quest to find love online: you want someone reliable and trustworthy, don’t you? If you can’t trust the person then you’re not going to find true love with him or her, are you? All too often people become confused about what they want and chase after gigolo types or untrusty worthy personalities when what they really want is someone to spend the rest of their lives with.

The other side of things you have to work on if you want to dramatically improve your chances to find true love online (or at least to find someone with whom you can have a relationship that will develop into true love)… is yourself. If you are not willing to go the extra mile for the other person, if you are not willing to be honest and faithful, if you are not prepared to make the effort to be fun to be with, then why would someone fall in love with you?

Knowing yourself, being clear about the kind of person you want and being prepared to adapt your own personality are big areas that need a lot of thought and work, areas that can only be touched on here in this short article about how to find love online. I had more to say about this recently in a commentary I wrote about another article at Finding the Right Guy and I have had more to say on the subject too in numerous articles here at Use the site map to find more of my articles.

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