How To Find A Boyfriend Online

Surely one of the easiest ways to find a boyfriend online is to join for free? Why? Because it’s a quality dating and pen pals site that protects your personal data — and it has a vast sea of potential boyfriends waiting to meet you. To find out more and see who they are just carry out a search using the panel on this page…

Crystal K Jones takes a different approach in the related article below – she says don’t find a boyfriend, let him chase you. Clearly she is not talking about how to find a boyfriend online so much as offline, but you know you could extrapolate some of her points into online ones. For instance, she talks about dressing well and improving your appearance. In your online search for a boyfriend the equivalent to your appearance is your online profile and your photos. See what I mean?

In any case, you certainly should not confine your search to find a boyfriend to online places (though online could be the best place), so her advice is very useful.

Update: the Crystal K Jones article is no longer displayed on this page but you should be able to find it at—3-Tips-to-Make-Him-Chase-After-You-Instead.

Instead let’s take a proper look at what is, after all, our main focus on this page, how to get a boyfriend on the Internet…

The first point I want to make in answering this question is that you have to go to a place online where men are looking for women. While you might accidentally meet men elsewhere — just as in ‘real’ life — this cannot be recommended as a viable means.

So, join an online dating site. If you join then you will find an easy to use site that is friendly and not at all blatant, unlike some dating sites.

Excellent, you are now in the right place to meet as many potential boyfriends as you want. However, just as in the offline world where you have to present a good appearance to the men available for dating, so on the web site you have to use the equivalent to present the best aspect of yourself as possible. The equivalent here is your online profile.

We have written before about having a good profile, but in a nutshell you must, first and foremost, include a good photo of yourself. Profiles without photos get ignored, it’s as simple as that.

Then, in your profile, think about how you want to come across to those reading it. Are you the wild type? Are you calm and bookish, athletic, outgoing, shy? Decide what you feel is true about your personality and try to project that in your profile. Most importantly while doing this, you must sound positive and friendly. Nothing will turn a prospective boyfriend off more than a girl who sounds miserable and negative. Think about it, would you want to go on a date with someone who sounded like that?

OK, you’ve tweaked your profile and it is now attracting replies. How do you respond? Keep your first responses short and to the point. Sound positive and interested but don’t go on at length about your life.

Get to know one or two guys through the site’s email like this but never give away your contact details. Online you just don’t know who you are really dealing with. If you like one of the guys enough for him to be a potential boyfriend then arrange to chat to him on the phone (but you phone him, don’t give him your phone number).

Then, if things are going well you can meet in person. Choose somewhere public where there will be other people and tell someone where you are going. It is good advice to do this not only with a boy you meet online but if you meet one offline too: until you get to know someone you really cannot know what they are like.

That’s about it; if things go well you will have found your boyfriend online. Many do all the time, so good luck and I hope you do too.

Resources on How to Find a Boyfriend Online

Here are a few useful resources to help you find a boyfriend online. Firstly our own page Meet Single Guys (But Do Get It Right!) reveals 7 things that men in general and boyfriends in particular like about women, so you can find out what will attract him to you in the first instance.

How to Attract a Man To You looks at techniques that single women can use to attract a new boyfriend. As mentioned above, one of the best ways to find a boyfriend online is through the photo personals, so here’s a link to potential boyfriends in the United States — but if you follow this link you can set the search to your own country if you are outside the US: Single Men in the United States

To find a Boyfriend online you must checkout Find a boyfriend Online at

Also check out the excellent ebook Men Made Easy by Kara Oh.

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