Welcome to the SingleDating.com blog. This is a supplementary section designed to complement the main Single Dating .com website. It gives us the opportunity to cover the areas not normally covered in our usual dating, pen pals, and relationships pages.

In saying this I’m thinking of areas such as additional information about a particular topic that can’t be included in the main site for reasons of space. But I’m also thinking about things specifically about the development of the main Single Dating site, such as the building of new pages within existing sections and even the development of new sections of the site. For example there was a time when Single Dating .com didn’t much cover pen pals, but now, along with the site’s expansion to better cover all areas of the singles dating subject area it has also expanded to cover more on pen pals too. So you could say that this blog is partly about ‘the making of Single Dating .com’.

There seems to be so much interest nowadays in ‘the making of’ type TV programs, books and movies that it almost seems that people are more interested in how something was made, and all the background material that goes with it, than they are in the thing itself. So, why not take a look at the ‘making of Single Dating .com’ too?

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