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Penpals around the world – what a great thing they are! By having online penpals all over the world you get the opportunity to experience new places, cultures and people. You can share photos, gifts and memories with people you would otherwise never meet. Hardly to mention, for those with romantic interests, there is always the possibility of meeting someone special.

Slow down a moment though, don’t get carried away with the idea of finding penpals around the world until you have put into place a few practical elements. Which site or sites are you going to use to find these world-wide penpals?

“All world penpals sites are pretty much the same, aren’t they?”

Well, no, actually they’re not. Like most things in life, worldwide penpal sites vary a great deal in quality and in what they have to offer. Some sites have fewer members making it harder to find penpals in some countries. Other sites don’t offer penpals from all over the world, prefering to exclude certain countries. Yet other sites are lax when it comes to protecting members’ personal details.

So, the message is that when you want to find penpals around the world you need to do your research first. Only once you are happy with a penpals site can you relax a bit and start to explore the international penpals available to contact. But do remember that although a site may be okay, there will always be a small minority of members who have only joined in order to find other members to scam – this is the nature of many things on the Internet of course, so always stay vigilant where ever you are online.

If you’d like my personal opinion on which is a good reliable site to find penpals all over the world then it is Penpals Planet .com, but don’t just take my word for it, check out for yourself what it has to offer and the safeguards built in (briefly, it protects your details; has vast numbers of worldwide penpals; you can join at no cost). You will see a panel on the top right of this page where you can find penpals worldwide – we have an affiliate-type arrangement with the company behind it.

Where to do further research on places to find penpals around the world? A good place is International Penpal .com where you can find all kinds of penpals, for example Asian Penpals. We have our own Asian penpals page too, which includes an article on how to attract an Asian girlfriend, our site’s bias being on the dating end of the penpals spectrum.

Another worldwide penpals site is, where you can find Canadian penpals amongst others. Other possibilities include Penpals Mailfriends, Penpals on Facebook and there are of course innumerable discussions going on online about penpals such as this one: Penpals around the world by snail mail.

There simply isn’t room here to start cataloguing all the sites dealing with penpals around the world, which is why, if you want to find penpals internationally yourself I suggest you begin at Penpals Planet .com and proceed from there. Good luck, hope you find good people!

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