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Dating women for free online is entirely possible if you use a reliable dating service such as These days many single men choose the ‘pen pals’ route for online dating because it gives them a less ‘in your face’, gentler, even more controlled approach to dating women online. also protects your personal details to a much greater degree than some sites and is committed to providing you with an excellent online dating experience. Join now, and begin dating women free online today.

Following from our advice page on Dating Women Online: How To, which looks at how best to present yourself when you are dating women free online, we have more advice today in the form of looking at whether it really is possible to date women online for free. So, read on for more…

If you want to date women for free, then what do you mean by that exactly? If it is important to you to find someone special then surely you are prepared to spend a little in order to achieve that goal? After all, you wouldn’t expect to get anything else so important to you for zilch, would you?

Or maybe you do completely understand this point but are skeptical of online dating or of online dating sites. You’d like to find someone but you don’t want to lose your money on paying for something that gets you nowhere. That’s fair enough, we all feel that way in fact. You do have to be careful where you spend your money online.

It is because of entirely reasonable fears like this that most reputable dating services will allow you to join their site for free initially, giving you access to some of the functionality at their site, but once you have seen what they have to offer you will need to upgrade to a paid membership in order to use all the functionality of their service.

Our recommended dating service, is like this too. You can join for free and try out what it has to offer but if you want the full functionality of the site you do have to purchase an upgrade. However, with this service you get more functionality for a free membership than is the case with the standard model used by most other sites. Dating services are expensive to run and they do work successfully for many tens of thousands of singles very year so it is only fair enough that customers of the service should pay a reasonable fee, isn’t it?

My advice is to not just take my word for it but to join several other dating services as well as that offer a free subscription, then you will be in a good position to experience what these sites have to offer and to make comparisons. FriendFinder is another good one.

What are the alternatives if you are determined to pay absolutely nothing for something so important as finding the love of your life? Craig’s List offers free dating ads where women can be contacted. The problem many people have in that area though is the large number of scammers operating. What about Plenty of Fish? That one is absolutely free, but this means that it is supported by advertising. Such a service’s costs will be paid for by people who visit the site and respond to the advertising on it and by making purchases through it. Advertising revenue for any site is never as high as it is for paid subscriptions so that means that for a completely free site there would be less staff to run the site and to watch out for fake profiles placed by scammers. See Dating Scams for how these scammers trick people.

Now I’m not an expert on Craig’s List, Plenty of Fish and similar services and I am only telling you what I have heard from others about potential drawbacks of absolutely free dating services — see The Truth About Dating Scams, as one example. These services and many like them are popular and highly successful sites.

But surely, if it is so important to you to find someone to potentially spend the rest of your life with, it’s worth joining a subscription service such as Remember that you can join it for free and see what it has to offer before you make up your mind whether you would like to take out a paid subscription.

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