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If dating tips are going to be useful to you or not depends on your personal circumstances, who you would like to date, what kind of person you would like to date and so on. However, bearing that in mind, here are 6 top dating tips for women online:

1. Be honest, be honest, be honest. Start with your profile and go on being honest from there. It may be tempting to stretch the truth a little, but remember your goal, which is to meet someone special. If you are not honest from the outset you WILL run into problems later. Don’t learn this online dating tip the hard way.

2. Choose your online dating site carefully. Does it have a large database of people you would want to contact? What will it do with your email address? If you take out a free subscription what do you actually get – can you contact people you like, for example. This may be one of the best online dating tips for women there is, though it may not seem like a dating tip as such. The point is to do your research when it comes to dating site. (Hint: our recommended service is

3. Choose a good photo (or photos if you’re allowed several) for your online dating profile. This is one of the most valuable of online dating tips for women because men go by the photos initially when looking for someone to contact. What do I mean by a good photo? Not one that makes you look stupid or easy or strange… Think about what kind of image you want to portray. The girl next door perhaps. Get a friend to take some photos of you or go to a professional photographer and explain what you need. It should be well worth the investment as the photo you use is so important.

4. Decide what you want from a relationship before you start. What are you looking for, love, friendship, a good time? If you are not completely clear on this you may send out conflicting messages or end up wasting your own time and other people’s.

5. Once you meet someone online a very good dating tip for women (and indeed, for men) is not to try to tell him your life story in a single email or message. Keep emails to a reasonable length, leave him wanting to find out more about you, not thinking that you are long-winded and boring! Also, be a good listener – ask him about the things he talks about in his email. Get interested in his life too.

6. Once you have a boyfriend, be appreciative of the things he does for you, however small, and express your appreciation. Being appreciative is an important part of building and cementing a new relationship.

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