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This post is part of our effort to increase our range of dating advice pages for older singles dating. Over the years we have expanded our advice, dating and pen pals pages in different areas and currently we are expanding in the over 50′s /boomer dating field with the aim of providing our visitors with a better understanding of older dating.

Read the advice on dating older men on this page and think carefully what you can learn from it and how to use it constructively to your advantage. I have been inspired to write this page by an article (ref:—Does-Age-Difference-Make-Any-Difference?&id=2861444) in which the author, Olga LeFevre, asks whether age makes a difference or not when you are dating older men — that is a man who is older than you. Amusingly, in the original article dating an older man is compared to wearing different types of shoes. But I wanted to give my own take on the question of whether age makes a difference in this case.

The author sets out the parameters that an age-gap of less than ten years does not matter and is not what is being discussed here. As boys mature more slowly than girls, any man who is less than a decade older than you is at the same level of maturity. Fair enough, I accept this demarcation of the discussion.

Leaving jokes aside about some older men being like shoes you buy in a charity shop that fall apart or are comfy shoes you feel safe in, does the author make any useful points on the question of whether men more than a decade older than you are different to date?

She brings to our attention the generational point, that men from a different generation will like different kinds of music and have different hobbies, as well as his friends being more similar to him in this respect than they are to you. This is a good point: in a sense each generation has its own sub-culture and if you are from a different sub-culture then there will be times when you cannot quite see eye to eye or share the same ideas or feelings.

On the point about the older man’s friends being of a different generation to you, well this will depend on the specific individual concerned, will it not? If he is dating a woman so much younger then it could well be that he has some friends who are younger too. His range of friends may encompass a range of age-groups too.

The author goes on to suggest that because of the age-gap, just when the man is thinking about retiring and settling down to a slower pace of life you, as the younger woman, will not be synchronized with this but will want to go out and have fun.

While I agree that this may apply in some cases, again it will depend on the individual man concerned. The author’s view draws somewhat upon a stereotype of the patterns of life that people follow, but these days retirement for many means taking up new sports and physical activities. The old idea of the pipe-and-slippers retired man is long disappeared.

The author does briefly point to the advantages of dating an older man, mentioning his useful life experiences as well as the fact that he should be in a comfortable position financially speaking by his age. However her tone is generally negative and it does not appear that she approves of relationships between older men and younger women. I wonder that she did not mention that he is going to die a lot earlier than you, leaving you with many years alone.

I would have to say in response to the whole article that while the points the author makes may be valid in some cases they will not apply in others. Overall it all depends on the individual man concerned and whether you fall in love with him or not. This is really no different from any other relationship. If you love someone and you have thought through all the possible pros and cons of the situation then you must make a suitable decision accordingly, regardless of age in fact.

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