Just been working on some of the pages at this site aimed at dating mature women or men over 50. Our research and testing has shown that our mature single visitors prefer the site PenPalsPlanet.com over the other main site we use, Singles Finders .com. So for this reason I’ve been changing over the links at these pages this morning, so as to give our mature singles an improved service. Although the two sites offer very similar things the emphasis is different.

The following ‘mature dating over 40 and over 50′ pages have been updated so far:

Dating Over 50

This page contains an article on love over 50 and its target audience is the woman over 50 and the man over 50. This page has been online for a number of years now, I’d guess around 8 years.

Boomer Dating
Obviously, this page is about Baby Boomer Dating. It’s also an article page full of advice for baby boomers, which these days means people in their 50′s. It’s one of the newer pages at SingleDating.com.

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Mature Personals: Dating Older Women and Men

Here’s a long-running page at the site, all about mature personals and dating older women and men. This rather short page exists as a resources page for the PenPalsPlanet mature personals profiles, as well as containing links to other mature singles sites.

Dating Older Women Personals and Advice

A newer page centred around advice on dating older women. This advice is aimed at older men, as well as younger men who are attracted to older women. The page also offers access to the personals.

Men Over 40: Dating Women Advice
A rather similar page to the last one, this one deals with advice on over 40 dating, except this time the advice is aimed at men over 40 rather than younger men. Women over 40 could also access the PenPalsPlanet personals through this page.

Mature friend finder page
Friend finder sites are just websites that enable people to meet other singles for friendship or dating. Obviously a mature friend finder therefore aims to help mature singles. This page has been through various forms and updates over the past few years and this may not be its last.

Dating Mature Men – One Woman’s Personal Experiences Video:

External Resources and Further Reading For Dating Mature Men and Women:

Dating Mature Men and Women: Playing The Post Divorce Dating Game
An article from The Guardian newspaper online about post divorce dating.

Reasons To Date A Mature Man
CNN Articles on reasons why mature man dating is ‘awesome’ (don’t you just hate that word?)

Senior and Mature Age Jokes
A round up of mature or senios age jokes.

Dating Mature Men May Not Be a Good Idea If You’re Half His Age
Interesting article from the Huffington Post on why it probably isn’t a good idea to date a mature man if you’re half his age or less!

Is It Wrong To Date Mature Men If You’re Young?
BBC forum discussing whether its right or wrong to date mature men if you’re not mature yourself.

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