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It’s Monday morning as I write this dating help and dating inspiration post. The sun is shining outside, it’s a new day and a new week. Now, it would be so easy just to wallow through the coming week, to wing it, so to speak, to get through it without doing ANYTHING to actually change SOMETHING. We all have something we want to change in our lives, usually something big, such as finding a new girlfriend or boyfriend…

Now, I’m not going to lecture you about all the advantages of online dating over offline dating (‘offline dating’ – Huh! It wasn’t called that before the Internet, was it…) Yes, you’ve read about all the dating help you can get online, about how much easier it is and so on already (but IT’S TRUE, that’s why). In fact you can read all about that kind of thing, all the advantages of online dating, lots of help and inspiration to get you started, how to write your profile and what to do next — all over this site, Yep, this site is chock-full of dating advice and help.

But, what I’m saying to you today is it’s all very well to read all the dating help at and elsewhere, you can read to your heart’s content, but if you don’t actually do something about it then absolutely NOTHING is going to change. Zilch, nada. You still won’t have a girlfriend or boyfriend. You might kid yourself that you’re doing something about it by reading all this stuff, and for a few minutes it might actually feel like you’re doing something about it, but if you don’t actually set things in motion then you won’t be, will you?

At some point, if you want things to change, you have to get over that little barrier between reading dating help info and beginning the process of meeting someone new. But it needn’t be a big barrier. Keep it small. Begin with a small task to set the ball rolling, then take it from there. And believe me when I tell you, that once you have set the ball rolling it will get easier.

So, how to set the ball rolling in the smallest, simplest way you can? Probably about the best thing you can do is to fill in the short and easy Free Membership Registration boxes at Pen Pals (our recommended dating service), which is a very quick and easy way to get started. It won’t cost you anything, you won’t be commiting yourself to anything, you won’t get spammed and you can cancel your free membership whenever you want.

It’s a small step in a sea of dating help but I hope you are inspired enough to take that small step towards changing your life for the better. If you don’t you’ll probably still be sitting where you are now NEXT Monday morning, reading about how others are getting on with their lives and wishing you had joined them.

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