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Are California Girls Really How You Imagine?

Before answering this question we need to look at what you think a Californian girl is actually like. I don’t know about you, but if you share the national stereotype of a single female from California then you have a mental image of a tan girl, probably blonde, who is fun-loving and likes to dance.

She will also be beautiful and full of life but perhaps a little short in the IQ stakes. What’s more your perception of this idealized resident of the Golden State would bring to your life an excitement beyond that which you have experienced so far. Hence the songs about Californian girls, the images, the gossip and the men searching for them…

The stereotype can go further that that though, this girl may have less admirable qualities in the sense that she is easy to get into the sack. Whether you regard that as a less admirable quality will depend on how you perceive your relationship with and attitude to girls in general. There is an exploration of these and similar traits of the stereotypical California girl at California Girl at Urban Dictionary.

Before I go to look at the question of the reality or otherwise of these stereotypes I must point out a startling similarity with a British equivalent of the California girl, namely the ‘Essex girl’. Straddling the Atlantic as I am, I can see at once that most of what is said about Californian girls is also said of Essex girls in the UK.

One obvious difference is the climate and its tanning effects, but this made up for in the Essex girl’s attributed love of fake tan (spray-on tan from an aerosol can). Most other aspects of the stereotypes seem to apply.

Now, here’s the thing. These are stereotypes. What this means is that they are concepts or ideas shared within a culture, but they cannot and should not be applied to individual girls. All people, girls or not, are individuals. An individual may have some of the qualities of a stereotype or she may not, but it is inaccurate and self-defeating to say that ‘all girls in California (or Essex) are like this.’ If you visit the state and spend time there you will many who do not conform to the stereotype and others who only partially do. My point is that the stereotype is not useful and in any relationship you have to get to know someone as an individual.

So why do these stereotypes arise in the first place? In the case of the Essex girl I believe that it is essentially a British class thing, there being fewer working class people in the counties neighboring Essex and many people liking to feel superior by criticizing others (yet at the same time being drawn to them). In the case of California girls the natural beauty of the Golden state and its sunny climate has a lot to do with it. Usually in a warm climate people spend more time outdoors, more time on the beach living the lifestyle that goes with it.

Stereotypes are short cuts in thinking, ways to categorize people that enable us to have a mental idea of what someone might be like before we get to know them. In some circumstances this can be useful, in others highly dangerous (if it leads to racism, for example).

So there you have it. Are California girls how you imagine them to be? Some are, most probably are not, but if you want to see things that aren’t there enough then you will probably end up seeing them in the girls of California.

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