Computer Dating Service Transformed

“Computer Dating” is a very old-fashioned term these days. The outmoded idea of a computer dating service along with its stigma of “needing to find someone via computers” has entirely gone, to be transformed into the modern idea of Online Dating.

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Computer Dating Service Like Never Before

Online Dating is to vast numbers of people now the preferred method of meeting new singles. The pace of modern life is fast and many do not have time or energy to go through first date after first date, even failed relationship after failed relationship in their attempts to meet the right person. Computer dating might have been the answer for a few once, nowadays online dating is the answer for many.

Why? Because with a good online dating service you can quickly sort through as many photo profiles as is humanly possible, rejecting, listing as possible, listing a few as top choices. The best modern services (eHarmony
for example) will even suggest available matches for you in good old 1980′s computer dating style, though with much more sophisticated technology of course., our recommended online computer dating service, offers something different: virtual dating. With virtual dating you can choose an avatar and go on an interactive virtual date! This amazing fun idea is a first in online dating and also offers the shy single an easier approach to dating.

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The First Appearance of Old Fashioned Computer Dating?

Perhaps the first appearance of a computer dating service was in February 1966 in an article in Look magazine entitled “Boy… Girl… Computer”. This describes the setting up of this strange new approach to dating using the style of the day: “Out of computers, faster than the eye can blink, fly letters stacked with names of college guys and girls–taped, scanned, checked and matched…” The ‘scanning’ was not our anti-virus scanning, of course, and yes, magnetic tape and punched cards were used to record information in those far-off yet somehow still-familiar days.

Computer dating developed from such early beginnings, being parodied and even slightly vilified by a movie in the British ‘Carry On’ comedy series in 1970, ‘Carry on Loving’ — Computer Dating Comedy Movie — in which a fake computer dating service is set up by dubious characters with many bawdy and funny (if you like that sort of thing) results. Contrast this with the different approach society was taking to online dating by 1998 as revealed in the movie ‘You’ve Got Mail’ starring Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks: Internet Computer Dating Movie Review of ‘You’ve Got Mail’.

The portrayal of computer dating services has come a long way…

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