The Best Places to Meet Women Online and Offline

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We’ve posted a number of articles recently aimed at men and on the topic of the best places to meet women. Some of these articles have been by different authors external to, while others have been written by our in-house authors. In most cases the top place to meet women is given as at a quality online dating site.

Online dating is the top choice because of the sheer numbers of women available to meet: this vastly beats any numbers of women you could find in any offline location. Also online dating is a great place to meet single women because you can chat to several women in the same time frame before narrowing your choices. Meeting single women doesn’t get much easier! But wait, what if you could step back a little, have a less ‘under pressure’ encounter with many women where you might be there to date them or you might just want to make friends?

That’s the value of joining a pen pals and dating site such as Meet Women at They have a lot of new features there as well as a vast database of women to meet. It’s a quality site that protects your personal details and cares about your experience there. (They’ve even allowed me to put their single women search panel on this page).

None of this is to say that you shouldn’t keep alert to the possibility of meeting women no matter what place you are in. If you are lucky enough to meet your future wife in your local shop then it would be true to say that for you at least the best place to meet women was within a mile of home! Today we look at the best places to meet women offline (though I still maintain that online is by far the best place).

Our list of the best places to meet women offline includes:

1. Evening Classes.
You may not have thought of this one before, but many single people attend evening classes with the secondary (or even primary!) intention of meeting other singles. Sharing learning of a common subject and so having common goals promotes a group ethic and a natural sense of having things in common. Check out your local college to see what’s on offer.

2. Dance Classes.
Meeting single women has got to be easier if there isn’t much competition. A dance class made up only of women (and you) will give you a good opportunity not only to meet new women but to improve your chatting skills and self-confidence.

3. Sports Clubs.
If you like playing sports and what’s more it will keep you fit, then a good place to meet women is at a local sports club. This doesn’t have to be ultra strenuous like squash, if you don’t want it to be. Table tennis is an easy option!

4. Art Classes.
Have an artistic streak? They say that 90% of artistic ability is learned so you don’t even need to be artistic to begin with. It may be a good place to meet women though. You could go along to a session and see what kinds of people turn up, couldn’t you?

5. Music Classes/ Choir.
For those who are musical or enjoy singing there’s ample opportunity here in most towns and cities. You’d be surprised what great women you can meet in such situations.

There’s a few to be going on with. You never know what opportunities there are to meet women in your local area until you get out there and find out what’s on. Speed dating is also an increasingly popular event, but there are other events too, so keep an eye on your local press.

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