Which are the Best Dating Sites or ‘Top’ Singles Dating Sites?

It’s natural enough that once you become convinced that online dating is a good idea you will want to know which would be the best dating site or sites to join. Basically, you want to read what other people have to say about dating sites, just as you would want to read reviews of laptops if you had decided to buy one.

However, as with carrying out any search at your favourite search engine you have to know what exactly to input into the search engine to get the best results from it. For this reason I have to say that searching for ‘top dating sites’ or ‘best dating sites’ is not necessarily going to get you the best information. The reason is that terms like ‘top’ and ‘best’ are too vague and too dependent upon different people’s opinions. What may be the best dating site for a twenties something female graphic designer might not be the best for a 60 something male interested in Harley Davidsons. It’s horses for courses perhaps.

Nevertheless, in an attempt to help our visitors we have tried to define what ‘best dating sites’ and ‘top singles dating sites’ might mean at Top Singles Dating Sites Online and also at Best Online Dating Site – How to find it.

At the first of these, Top Singles Dating Sites our staff writer has tried to look at what the most important criteria are in deciding what actually makes a top dating site, criteria such as size, how the site treats its members (whether it protects their email address for example, as many don’t) and how it does business (does it rebill automatically, for example). Naturally enough our page then recommends a site that meets its strict criteria, Singles Finders .com, the sister site of PenPalsPlanet.com which we recommend for those wishing to take a pen pals approach to online dating. At Top Singles Dating Sites there is also an article from a guest author, by the way, which looks at some of the big, popular sites online.

Best Online Dating Site, the other page I mentioned at SingleDating.com looks at the criteria that will give you a safe (and at less cost) online dating experience in more detail. It also includes a guest author’s article, called ‘How to Discover The Best Online Dating Site’ which has a very useful list of criteria it recommends you consider when weighing up a dating site for its pros and cons and whether you want to become a member or not. (see also How To Rate Online Dating Services).

Although it is not advisable to simply base your choice of best dating site on cost, some do, so to be used in conjunction with the other two pages described above, SingleDating.com also has a cost comparison page for online dating sites: Cost Comparison of Online Dating Services — while on the same theme Compare Online Dating Services looks at cost alongside other basic but necessary criteria. (I think the prices at these pages were compiled some time ago now, by the way, so please check the current prices before committing yourself to any dating site as they may have gone up).

So we hope these pages will help those of our visitors who are searching for ‘the best dating site’ or ‘the top singles dating site’. May I suggest that a better search term might be Online Dating Agency Reviews or something similar. It’s all in the search term, y’ know!

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