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There are lots of variations of Single Dating of course, but Asian Single Dating is a strong and vibrant part of the dating community. The majority of people involved in this area are Asian men or women seeking marriage, friendship or love. In regard to friendship, Asian pen pals are a popular area.

Aside from Asian singles dating other Asian singles, the field of Asian Single Dating also encompasses Western men (predominently American men) dating Asian women. There is much to be taken into account here, for if dating turns to marriage then the need for at least one of the dating partners to relocate to a different part of the world is a big step, leaving behind as they probably will, friends and family.

An alternative to the above is for American men who wish to date Asian women to seek them in their own country, for Asian American Single Dating is a possibility too. Naturally Asian Americans will be seeking other Asian Americans within this category as well.

When you search online for the topic of Asian single dating you may wish to view all the possibilities that this generic phrase encompasses, or you may wish to narrow down your search. There are as many possibilities here as there are Asian countries, for example, there is Indian Dating, Chinese Dating, Korean Dating, Japanese Dating, Taiwan Dating and so on. Those who wish to take the pen pals approach to meeting new people also have the same kind of range of possible areas to search within. For example at Single Dating .com we have Japanese Pen Pals, Filipina Pen Pals and so on.

If you are searching for specific nationalities within the larger term of Asian Single Dating then here are some links to Asian FriendFinder profiles. These are direct links that will take you straight to the listings of photo profiles placed by single Indian women and single Indian men, as well as single Chinese women and single Chinese men:

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Finally we have a background piece on Asian Single Dating below.

Asian Single Dating, a Western Phenomena?

If you had used the terms Asian singles a hundred years ago when speaking to someone in an Asian country they would probably have wondered what you were going on about. The very idea of somebody being a ‘single’ is basically a Western concept, that is belonging to the culture of Europe and America.

Of course, due to the economic success of Europe and America during the 19th and 20th centuries its shared culture has spread throughout the world, either as a result of influence or in some cases colonialism.

Asian people in general come from highly specific cultures with centuries-old cultures that frequently outdate the West. Nevertheless many have adopted what they would regard as the more successful parts of Western culture (such as ways of doing business) in order to further their own countries in a highly-competitive modern world. The Japanese are a good example of this. Having been defeated in WWII by the Americans they adopted Western technology in a bigger way than ever before and quickly became a major economic power. So too China, which has recently risen to second place in the world economic stakes with its eye on reaching the number one slot in the not-too-distant future.

‘Asian single dating’ is not a term you would have encountered in the past but may be regarded as a Western import selected by Asian countries for its usefulness. A possible example of this is ‘gokon’, a Japanese word that translates as a group blind date or group dating, the idea being that a group of men and women will go out on a kind of combined date in the hope of making individual romantic attachments.

One thing that it is important to remember with Asian single dating is that the cultures of different countries in Asia, although in some cases related to each other, are more different from each other than those of Western countries. German and American culture are recognizable to any outsider as versions of the same culture, whereas Indian and Korean cultures are not. so, if you are a Westerner interested in dating Asian singles then you have to be clear which culture you are actually interested in and why.

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