Asian Dating Sites: Finding The Right One To Suit Your Needs

Today we have advice on Asian dating sites from a new guest author, Henry Speldings. He discusses the various kinds of dating sites available for Asian dating and says that if you are from Asia yourself then you have to find the right site and the right person who will be right for you.

An Introduction to Asian Dating
by Henry Speldings, writing exclusively for

It is interesting to see who is using Asian matchmaking sites. They are very big business on the Internet today, with millions of users taking advantage of what they have to offer. In fact, when you look at online dating for different regions of the globe I think it is fair to say that Asian sites are the most prolific and successful after American sites.

Why is this the case? No doubt it is mostly down to the successful Asian economies around the ‘Pacific Rim’, economies that have grown and prospered in the 21st Century like no other, even despite the recession facing Europe and America. Most people are now aware, for example, that China is currently the second most successful economy in the world whereas only ten years ago it was at position 7 or 8. As it is growing so fast it is set to overtake the America before too long, making it the most successful economy in the world.

Going back to my original question about who is using Asian dating sites it is obvious that the answer if mostly people from Asia and those who have originated there but now live in the West. However, that is not the whole picture, for it appears that many Western men are attracted to Asian women, so they are using these sites too. Stephanie Constantina wrote an interesting article about this, asking what it says about some of the Western men’s outlook on life here at this very site of If I can find it again I will insert a link to it here.

Now, if you are Asian and you are using or want to use these sites to meet people then you may find this a little disconcerting, but don’t worry, there are so many Asian sites out there and so many singles from Asia who have profiles on these sites that you should not find people to meet a scarcity. In fact you will find that the opposite is true.

Many Asian people of course come from very traditional backgrounds and have a moral code and way of doing things handed down to them through generations of their family. If this applies to you then you will want to find singles who share your values. For this reason it is a good idea to state this clearly in your profile when you join a suitable dating service.

Many Asian people join an Internet dating service because they are looking specifically for a spouse in the shortest time possible. While it is true that many Americans looking for someone in their own country will have a similar objective, I think it is true to say that what might be called this ‘marriage-orientation’ approach would form a higher percentage of members of Asian dating sites than, for example, American dating services.

Below are some links to Asian dating services for you to check out. Good luck in your search for someone suitable and enjoy your time at these sites.

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