Army Pen Pals – The Dating Jungle?

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Today we have another military pen pals and dating article from guest author Andrea Carless. In a wry and humorous take on dating army pen pals, the author focuses on the stereotypical idea of men as hunters.

It’s just a bit of fun, but then dating army pen pals shouldn’t all be serious should it? The point about any kind of dating is surely that you have to enjoy it! So read the article with that in mind then browse the army pen pals profiles at Military Pen Pal .net, a great place to discover army singles.

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Update May 2012. In our efforts to present original information and articles to you we have now removed ‘Army Singles – The Hunter Gene and the Dating Jungle’ by Andrea Carless from this page. It’s a great article but it has appeared in too many places on the web. You can catch the original article here:—The-Hunter-Gene-and-the-Dating-Jungle. Below I give a brief summary of the article and then my response to it in an effort to shed more light on the subject and provide some better quality insights.

1. Article Summary

Carless compares the dating scene in general — with reference to uniform/ army dating in particular — to a ‘jungle’ in which the men are the hunters and the women the hunted. It’s a light-hearted approach. She suggests that as men possess the ‘hunter gene’ women might as well allow men to chase after them.

She decries the need for courtship but accepts its necessity before adding that it is acceptable for women to send the first email but not to run the courtship. She stresses that women must make the courtship process challenging for the man if he is to feel a sense of victory at the end. He can be rewarded with a “few moments of chat” or replies to emails during the ‘thrill of the chase’ until the process ends when the woman finally says “yes”. Presumably she is saying ‘yes’ to an offline date.

2. Article Response

Andrea Carless’ article really is intended as a light-hearted bit of fun so I cannot take the points it makes too seriously. It is well-written and entertaining while at the same time leading her readers towards the uniform dating service cited at the end of the piece. This is clearly its purpose and there is nothing wrong with that.

What about the central contention, that army dating — all dating really — resembles a predator chasing its prey? Well, I don’t think we can take that too seriously. In real life it is many women who do the pursuing in real relationships, probably of around the same proportion as the cases in which it is the man who does the ‘chasing’. Carless does make the point though that it should be the woman who maintains control over the whole process, so the ‘chase’ is actually illusory in nature, though it cannot apparently be allowed to appear so to the men involved.

In drawing a picture in which it is the woman pulling the strings during the courtship process, the article’s author provides a scenario which will appeal strongly to some men while turning others off. Some men enjoy being manipulated by women while others have the opposite reaction (it would be interesting to investigate why that is so, incidentally).

This being the case, as a dating strategy to be used by women it would appear to be flawed in that it would put some men off continuing the relationship. Why the article focuses on uniform/ army dating I’m not sure, given that the author appears to imply that all dating can be looked at in this way.

Also it is highly questionable whether men do possess this ‘hunter gene’ that would make them happier chasing women rather than having a more equal relationship. But the whole article is just a bit of fun, after all.

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