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By Stephanie Constantina

Welcome! This page contains resources for army dating, as well as quick access to what I regard as the best army dating site, Military Pen Pal .net. Why do I regard it as the best? In a nutshell because it protects your personal details (many don’t!), has a large database of single army personnel looking for online dating and you can join for free.

You can browse the army dating profiles right away by clicking here: Search Army Dating/ Pen Pals.

Okay, you’ve decided to try out army dating. You need a good army dating site and I’ve given you one above. Perhaps now you want more information? Some links to follow? Below are some more useful thoughts and ideas about army dating, and beyond that I’ve provided a list of other sites and pages for you to explore on this topic.

First of all, let’s face it, most singles looking for army dating are women who want to date a male soldier. Now, I’m not saying that there aren’t female soldiers and I expect there are lots of men who would like to date female soldiers, but speaking generally we’re looking at women who want to get to know army men here.

Given the popularity of dating a male soldier, I naturally want to ask why is that? What is it about soldiers that makes them so appealing to women? This is not because I approve or disapprove, it is simply curiosity.

Soldiers and other army personnel are in a position of trust and authority. That is a powerful status to have, for we must in essence trust them with our lives and our futures. Naturally this will make soldiers strong and powerful figures in the eyes of many women, above and beyond the perceived status of most other men in our society.

Of course this does not mean that everyone wants to date someone in the army. There are many things to consider beyond the points I have just made. For one thing, some women would not be comfortable with the long waits involved in between seeing their man because he is on active duty, for another there is the risk of serious or fatal injury happening to a loved one.

Yet despite this, army dating and the sites that provide access to it remain very popular online. Some women, of course, have grown up in army families and for them the lifestyle is there lifestyle. Others appreciate the commitment and dedication of soldiers serving for their country; yet others share the ideals and aims behind the need for military action to begin with.

There is no simple explanation for the appeal of army dating sites and no doubt different people have different reasons for using them.

My primary recommendation is to check out the army dating singles at Military Pen Pal .net, but below is a handy list of more sites and pages.

Army Dating Sites and Resources

First some other useful info articles at this site. Army Pen Pals and the Dating Jungle takes a humorous look at the subject, asking whether the Army man is the hunter seeking a suitable relationship. For a more serious approach take a look at Military Single Pen Pals First Email which looks at what to do and not do in that first email to your potential army date or pen pal.

Military Pen Pals or Dating looks at taking the gentler pen pals approach to army dating and other military dating. You might also want to check out our page Military Singles Dating which provides a brief overview of this subject area on our site, as well as other army dating resources.

Worth checking out for military and army dating info at other sites are: Military Pen Pals and What They Mean To You by Vinny Appleby Army Pen Pals which gives some do’s and don’ts when it comes to emailing army personnel, and finally for now (though I will probably add more later) Forces Pen Pals, A Beginners Guide, again by Vinny Appleby.

Don’t forget, my recommended army dating site (set up a free account and see who is available) is: Military Pen Pal .net.

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