Approaching Women Tips and Ideas
By Henry Speldings

Ah, the art of approaching women! Single men everywhere have pondered on this and how to become good at it. Approaching a woman who you have not met before is the big moment, the moment of acceptance or rejection. Will she smile at you? Will she frown and turn away? Some useful tips on approaching women are something many a man could use.

The first thing to bear in mind when approaching women is to look confident. Even if you don’t feel confident inside, you must aim to look confident. Looking confident means keeping a steady gaze and not glancing about you all the time, it means keeping your hands still and not fidgeting.

Look the woman you are approaching in the eye and smile. Look positive and friendly. When you start speaking to a woman try to put her at her ease. Forget how you are feeling and concentrate on how she is feeling. What can you do to make her feel that you are someone who might be worth knowing? Try to see things from her point of view. For all she knows this man approaching her might be just another creep trying to hit on her. Show her that you’re not, that you’re different, that you respect her as a person. And if you can make her laugh that will be a big step during those first few minutes together.

The art of approaching women isn’t that hard really. Women are just people, in many ways just like you, and you have to keep that in mind. What’s the worst that can happen when you approach a woman? The worst thing is that she will reject you. That’s not so bad really as there are plenty of fish in the sea. If she rejects you, tell yourself that she can’t have been right for you anyway, and look for someone else. Don’t expect that every woman you approach will want to talk to you. They won’t. Get used to this idea and don’t feel hurt when it happens. It’s not a reflection on you in any way.

Approaching Women is Easier Via Online Dating

Of course an easier way to approach women is through an online dating site. If you want to feel the most secure and the least rejected then a site that is for pen pals dating is by far the best. Such a site makes approaching women much easier because women you contact may feel that you are just being friendly, so the awkwardness of that first contact is reduced. It works both ways of course, for women as well as men, creating a friendlier atmosphere than a straightforward dating site. But you need a high quality and reliable site that protects your personal information, one such as Pen Pals Planet in fact.

Either way, online or offline, approaching women is about being confident, yet being yourself and not portraying a false front where you exaggerate your job title, for instance. Be honest, be genuine, be confident, don’t expect to win every time and you won’t go far wrong. These are probably the best ‘approaching women’ tips I can share with you. Good luck, check out the women’s photo profiles at Pen Pals Planet and I’ll see you at my next article.

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