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A warm welcome to Dating Pen Pals Talk and Advice, the Blog. The main Single site (which is not a blog) was first conceived in late 1998 and really got underway with its first batches of pages in 1999. From the early days it had as its brief the mission of seeking out the best dating & pen pals services and offering them to its visitors.

From those early days has gone from strength to strength, gradually but consistently developing and exploring new areas of the dating /pen pals world, and always striving to offer the best dating advice to its visitors.

And how dating services have changed during that ten years! In the early days used to promote One and Only, probably the best dating pen pals service of its day — yet by today’s standards it was old-fashioned and even a bit amateurish-looking. But it worked well and was very popular for a number of years until taken over by another dating service then gradually phased out.

Nowadays primarily recommends Pen Pals to its visitors as a trustworthy and reliable dating service, along with PenPalsPlanet’s sister site, Singles Finders .com. Also from the same ‘stable’ and aimed at the specific niche of military pen pals we are pleased to present Military Pen Pal .net. has certainly changed over the years, going through a number of style and presentational revamps during that time. Now, one of the latest developments for the site is this blog, “Dating Pen Pals”, the aim of which is to develop some aspects of the site as well as document the site and its new developments. You can read more about the purpose of this blog here: The Single Dating .com Blog.

Now, I’m guessing that you’re here for one of two reasons: either you’re looking for dating advice or you want to sample one of the best dating pen pals services — for free, no doubt :-). If it’s the first that you want then please go to Dating Advice, but if what you want is to get straight into seeing who’s out there that might be waiting for you, then you can search the dating and pen pal profiles directly by using the panel to the top right of the page you are reading now, especially if you prefer the pen pals approach as a way to potential dating.

You may want to discover what it is about the best dating services we recommend that is so outstanding, before you plunge in: if so then you can read about that too, over at Best Dating Service / Best Online Dating Site. Whatever your approach towards using this dating /pen pals site, enjoy your time here and come back often!