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How to Find the Best Online Dating Site...

The best single dating sites are both easy and difficult to find at one and the same time. Difficult because what is best for you may not be the best website for someone else -- we all have our own individual needs and preferences.

However, to cut through the confusion of thousands, even millions, of online dating sites competing for your attention and so make the top ones relatively easy to find, there are certain basic criteria that any web site looking for the title of 'best online dating site' must have as a priority. These are:

  • Create an online dating profile for free.

  • Does not trade your personal data or email address (some are actually guilty of this).

  • Does not create fake dating ads to lure singles into subscribing.

  • Has a large database of singles running into millions of members.

  • You can view and reply to online messages from people interested in your profile, and you can do so for free.

  • Is strict about its policies and about protecting its members.

  • Possesses a privacy policy and clearly sets out its terms of business.

  • Provides a mobile version so that you can also access the site while you're on the move.

  • Access to customer services via email.

Our research shows that PenPalsPlanet meets these criteria, and this is why it is our recommendation for the title of the best online dating site.

So go to PenPalsPlanet and browse the profiles: take a look at the profiles at our choice of best singles dating website right away by using the panel to the right...   >>>

Find out more about PenPalsPlanet policies and your safety: Potential criteria for a best online dating site, in our opinion.

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PenPalsPlanet is quick and easy to use, and it won't spam you. It's also free to view the profiles. Just select from the drop-down menus below, then click the 'Go to Profiles' button. You'll be taken directly to the profiles of your choice at our choice for the best online dating site:

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Secondary Criteria and Commentary About Finding a Good Online Dating Site

Simply searching for 'online dating sites' at a search engine yields an extraordinary number and variety of choices. So where do you begin? You could just take the first one on the list and investigate it, then if you don't like it try the second one and so on... But this approach to finding the best single dating website for you is haphazard and lacks any kind of logical or analytical method. The result will be equally haphazard. Given the fact that search engines frequently change their algorithms and so also the websites that appear in the search results further complicates the matter and makes the result of your selections potentially more random.

So, a somewhat better method would be to look for a site that compares dating services (the link is to our own comparison of sites). To search by this method is an improvement but not much of one. Whether such comparison sites are useful or not will depend on which criteria they use to make their comparisons. Are they criteria which are meaningful to you? For example, if one site is ranked over another because it has 3 million members whereas the other website only has 2 million does that actually help you very much? Given that you will probably only get through a few hundred to a couple of thousand member profiles a year in your browsing for suitable people to contact it isn't going to make any significant difference.

The fact that many sites in 'lists' of top online dating sites have been selected and listed for the individual reasons of the webmaster or site owner -- such as a personal financial cut in any resulting purchase -- lends them more suitable for the needs and wants of the site owners than for your needs as a potential customer or web consumer.

The solution then is not to allow the dating comparison websites to tell you which are the most important criteria but to decide for yourself beforehand. There is no harm at all in seeking ideas about which criteria might go on your list and we hope the criteria listed here at will be helpful to you (look at the list again higher up this page for more on this).

Once you have jotted down your own personal list of what matters to you in deciding which would be the best dating site if it could provide what you want and need, then and only then will you be in an effective position to look for single dating websites that can really help you.

An important criterion that should be on your personal list of what would make a dating site good should be the kind of dating you are looking for. If you are only seeking singles of the same race as yourself, or singles who are 'plus sized' (overweight) or singles who live within a twenty-mile radius of your house for example, then these factors are of primary importance. You may well find plenty of choice at a large, general dating site but equally you should not rule out looking at these specific niche requirements in terms of specialist dating sites.

Other criteria to be potentially added to your personal list of needs and wants are the terms of a site's privacy policy, how effective their customer service is, other people's opinions of the site and whether singles' profiles are scrutinized for authenticity.

Finding the best online dating website for your personal needs is not going to be a quick process but it is well worth making the effort to do it properly, otherwise you will be exposing yourself to too much risk and random chance.

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Best online dating website? It's both easy and hard to find at one and the same time -- we explain why above...

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