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There is something exotic and very appealing about the idea of having pen pals who are Asian, is there not? You can in effect explore other cultures and ways of life through knowing somebody who comes from that culture.

This need not be down just to having a pen pal in another country. Nowadays when the world is so multi-cultural there are plenty of opportunities to correspond with Asian people in your own country as well as those abroad.

The advantage of getting to know an Asian person in your own country is that it will be much easier to eventually meet the person face-to-face, should you decide to do so, than if the pen pal concerned lives overseas.

But there are two ways of looking at this. For some the whole purpose of having pen pals from an Asian country is the opportunity to discover more about that country and eventually to visit it and experience its geography and way of life. Of course you could have the best of both worlds by having pen pals from your chosen country both at home and in their own country.

However you approach having Asian pen pals you may well eventually meet your pen pals. By this stage you should be well enough versed in their culture and etiquette not to make a mistake and offend them. You should know enough about their traditions and expectations to treat them with sufficient respect and politeness.

In this way you will get the benefits of getting to know people from an Asian culture and experiencing a very different way of life from your own.

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