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Should You Relocate To a Different Country for Love?

Relocating to a different country or even to a different part of your own country if it is a lengthy travelling distance from your origins is a complicated question. It is complicated by the fact there there is a lot to take into account and it is further complicated by the individual circumstances of each and every case, so it is hard to give general guidelines.

Firstly, it would be fair to sday, it will depend upon how attached to your original location or country you are. There are of course people who emigrate to other countries not for love but for employment or simply for a better way of life. So love is an additional factor. It may be pertinent to consider who you will be leaving behind at this point. What family and friends do you have and are you willing to effectively 'give them up' in exchange for your new goals.

This has be be considered with great care and speedy decisions are not to made, as once implemented it is very difficult to reverse the process if it is realized that a mistake has been made.

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You had better do your research very thoroughly and learn everything you can about your possible new location and what your life would be like there. If you are from a different culture are you willing to give up your old way of life and adopt the new? This may be much more difficult than you image, despite your enthusiasm for the new culture. It is entirely one thing to love a different culture while still living within your own from living 24/7 in a different culture. Even if you embrace it at first the desire for old familiar things lost, a kind of homesickness, will eventually creep in. Are you prepared to handle this when it comes as it inevitably will?

Moving on to more practical matters. How will you make a living in your new location? Do you have a special skill that is in great demand in the other country? If not then you may find it difficult to get work as a foreigner whose first language is a foreign one not widely spoken in your new country.

What about your support system? We all need and usually have a support system of friends, family, neighbours and fellow workers where we live. How will you replace this in your new circumstances? How will you avoid feelings of lonliness and isolation? You may be certain now that you are not going to feel like this, but life has a way of proving us wrong in what we expect and believe.

The love you feel for your new partner may well be enough to overcome all of thse things but that does not mean they do not exist nor will come to exist at some point in your planned adventure. Think carefully first, plan ahead, visit your new location several times and over a long period before you take that final step that will, in effect, change everything.

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