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OK, so you're now over 50. I bet that came as a shock! Quite a bit of adjusting to have to to make! Worse, you now find yourself back in the position of looking for love again.

But it's not worse really is? Life constantly changes -- they say it's the one thing in life you can be sure of, that it will change. The trick is to welcome the changes, to see them as an opportunity not as an encumberance.

So how does this apply to love and dating for the over 50 person? Welcome it, enjoy it, make the most of it. After all, in ten years time you're going to be even older... Now there's a thought! So the answer is, like everything else, to make the most of dating over 50.

How do you do this? Firstly, lose the baggage. Or at least put it away where no one else can see it. You know what I am talking about here, the things from the past that can hold you back. I'm not saying forget them, that wouldn't be possible and in any case they are what make you into the unique individual you are. I'm simply saying don't let the baggage define your next relationship.

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Every relationship is different, so you have to take that on board and wait to see how it pans out. Any new combination of two unique individuals has to be different from what went before. You can't define and experience your new relationship through the old one, you have to let the new one develop in its own way.

Is this good advice, I hope so. There is plenty more on over 50 dating at this site. For example check out Singles Over 50.

Most of all, regard your new search for love as a new beginning and when you find someone for a new relationship take it as it comes, every day being part of a new experience. Good luck, enjoy your time and look in the personals above for all the wonderful over 50s at PenPalsPlanet.com.

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