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Judging People By Their Friends

Should you judge people by their friends?

That might depend on what kind of people they are, whether they have had the opportunites and life experience to put them into contact with a large number of potential friends. To take an extreme example to demonstrate what I mean here, suppose you encountered someone marooned with only a small group of people on a remote island? Obviously we can't always choose our friends.

But when it comes to online dating being able to see what our new dates friends are like could give us a lot of insight into the personality and indeed the trustworthiness of our new amour.

Getting to know, or at least to meet, a new date's friends is a good idea for other reasons too. Safety comes immediately to mind. Of course most people online -- as in the real world -- are who they say they are. But you can never be certain that you haven't been unlucky enough to encounter one of the world's liars.

It is much harder for people to maintain a lie in front of friends and people they know however, so meeting friends could teach you much about the person in that respect.

Meeting a new date's friends can teach you a lot about the person's personality too. If his friends care about him and that is clear from their interactions then you can deduce that he is someone worth caring about. Whether you want to care about him in the long-term is another matter, of course, but at least you can see what he is like.

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Naturally, don't ask to meet his friends on the first date. It should be fter several dates, you have to get to know him a bit first while he's on his own. The old saying 'three's a crowd' comes into play here.

Other things to pay attention to when you meet his friends. How does he introduce you? Take note as this can reveal much about what he thinks of you.

Meeting his friends can have its drawbacks too. Does he want to spend too much time with them at your expense? Also, they may not all like you, which can cause problems. Overall though it's a useful tactic to get to meet his friends after a few dates.

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