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The Dating Game and Should You Begin Again?

Is dating a game? Well, in a way, yes it is. It's a game in so far as it has rules, you are trying to reach a goal (finding the ideal partner) and you may or may not succeed.

That sounds like fun when you're in your early twenties, doesn't it, but what about when you're in your 40s or 50s? With life's clock ticking more loudly than ever before do you really want to start playing the game again?

To begin with, if you find yourself single and alone again, then you don't really have much choice. But take heart, it's not as bad as it might sound at first. The 'dating game' when you are middle-aged is not the same dating game it was in your twenties.

If you are looking to date people of your own age then they are in the same or a similar boat to you. Many of them have only got back into dating again with considerable reluctance and out of necessity, just like you. They didn't expect to be in this position either.

So, dating people of your own age now (at this age) usually means dating like-minded people. They too may be divorced or bereaved with all of the emotional pain that results. They too may have children, fears and insecurities.

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older couple imageBut if you are dating out of necessity, because you don't want to be alone, then you have to accept that state of affairs and do the best you can with it.

You should also know that by far the best way to ease yourself back into the dating game now is by using online dating. Because there is the extra element of the Internet in between you and the people you meet there becomes an extra cushion to ease the situation.

By dating online initially at least, you are anonymous, you have time to explore the online dating world and time to look at lots of personals and consider carefully the people behind them before you make contact. If anything it's a lot easier and potentially safer than the more 'in-your-face' dating game of your twenties.

Want to take a step further back and impose what is effectively another layer between you and your potential dates? Then take the pen pals approach. If you present yourself as a potential 'pen pal' then you are effectively saying, "I want to meet people and chat to them online but I may or may not be interested in actual dating." Can you see the advantages of this? It's the approach that was set up to cater for. If you like the sound of it then go there now and check it out.

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